Generative AI Consulting Service

Generative AI (GenAI) is one of the most exciting advancements in the tech world at the moment. Generative AI operates by understanding the patterns and structures in the data it’s given and then applying this learned knowledge to generate new and unique content. This process is similar to how a human artist might learn to paint by studying the works of master artists and then applying their own style and creativity to produce original artwork.

The future of generative AI is expansive and holds immense potential. That’s why at Smartbridge, we are excited to work with organizations to bring this cutting-edge technology to their everyday business processes.

75% of knowledge workers around the world now use generative AI at work.


Benefits of Generative AI

  • Enhancing Employee Productivity

    Generative AI technology can streamline repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing employees to redirect their efforts towards more strategic and creative initiatives. For instance, it can automate report generation, produce marketing materials, and even write code.

  • Cost Reduction

    Generative AI’s capacity to automate tasks and boost efficiency translates into cost savings for businesses. For example, it can minimize the need for customer support personnel and optimize manufacturing and supply chain processes.

  • Fostering Innovation

    Generative AI empowers businesses to generate fresh ideas and solutions, accelerating experimentation with new products and services. It can contribute to the development of novel drug candidates, the design of innovative products, and the creation of pioneering business models.

  • Enhancing the Customer Experience

    Generative AI can be leveraged to craft personalized and immersive customer interactions. It can generate tailored product recommendations, create chatbots capable of instant customer query responses, and innovate new forms of entertainment and gaming experiences.

Our Generative AI Consulting Services

generative ai consulting

Generative AI Implementation

Our team at Smartbridge started our generative AI services by implementing the GenAI-enabled “Art-of-the-Possible” SmartbridgeGPT, leveraging clients’ data including model training, fine-tuning, and prompt engineering to provide accurate, relevant, and cited information in a secure, private manner for the enterprise users. Based on that, we have expanded our approach to building end-to-end generative AI applications across various industries and business functions.

generative ai consulting

Generative AI Governance

Smartbridge brings a wealth of practical experience to the table, especially with generative AI governance. We honed our skills through years of hands-on work in data governance in the broader AI field and have learned valuable lessons from diverse data modernization journeys. What sets Smartbridge apart is our commitment to applying these real-world governance principles to the dynamic world of generative AI. This means that our clients benefit from a down-to-earth approach that ensures AI is used ethically and responsibly with the ability to advance your generative AI enterprise adoption in a balanced and sustainable manner.

generative ai consulting

Generative AI Use Cases

Here are a couple of use cases where generative AI can add impact:

Policy Information: Generative AI can be used to deliver policy information in a conversational style through a web interface. Users (beneficiaries) are able to check in real-time various details about the policy, topic, demographics of the current beneficiaries, exceptions, and enrollment information for the policy. In addition, the employees of the organization can get a view of metrics used for a policy’s success, current performance, areas to improve, and relevant information quickly, in seconds as opposed to days and in a conversational mode.

Call-center Productivity Enhancement: Generative AI can assist call center representatives by transcribing current calls and providing real-time information based on the current caller’s issue and the prior successful resolutions for the same issue. For this type of solution, we use technologies such as Azure search service, Azure cognitive service, and Azure Open AI services to deliver a successful solution.

Jumpstart Your GenAI Journey with Microsoft Copilot

Explore Microsoft’s generative AI capabilities with Copilot and Copilot Studio, your AI companion designed to revolutionize the way you create, communicate, and complete tasks.

Generative AI in Action


Speed up your deployment of your own Conversational AI System for enterprise knowledge management. SmartbridgeGPT is a solution accelerator, meaning the framework is built, and ready for your data and branding. Smartbridge has deployed a working Proof of Concept for clients in as little as 3 weeks.

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