The Case for Automated Tax Compliance: 2019 Sales Tax Changes Webinar with Avalara

Tax season is upon us, and 2019 is bringing about new changes in sales tax regulations. Avalara, provider of automated tax compliance software, will be hosting a webinar on February, 19th to get you up to speed on all things sales tax!

Need to Knows that you NEED to Know!

Avalara has earned the reputation as a leader in the tax compliance space since their founding in 1999. As 2019 brings about new sales tax regulations, Avalara continues to ensure their users remain in compliance with state and federal standards.

Smartbridge partners with Avalara so customers can achieve the goal of modernizing their tax compliance software. Automating this critical component of operations and integrating it with your ERP goes a long way towards supporting an innovative operations culture. Without support, trying to keep up with ever changing rules and regulations on sales tax nexus is nearly impossible. The changes in tax law for 2019 are one prime example.

Scott Peterson, U.S. tax policy expert and former executive director of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board, is a leading authority on sales tax nexus. During the webinar, he will explain why 2019 might bring more change than any other year we’ve seen. The following topics will be addressed:

  •  New nexus laws sweeping the U.S. post South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. ruling (Learn more on this topic HERE)

  •  New requirements for marketplace sellers (Amazon, Etsy, etc.)

  •  Changes to tax-exempt transactions (for manufacturers and distributors)

  •  Consumers’ use tax requirements impact on online retailers

Listen up JD Edwards & NetSuite Users!

Our partnership with Avalara serves to help JD Edwards and NetSuite customers eliminate manual tax compliance processes. This is done through precise rate determination, address validation, reporting, sourcing rules and product taxability. For JD Edwards and NetSuite users that deal with sales and use tax, this is the most important presentation to attend this year.

The Details

As 2019 nears, it’s time to get prepared for the major tax changes taking effect across the United States. This is a webinar you don’t want to miss!

Tune in on February 19th @ 11:00AM PDT 

Reserve your seat now!

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