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Answering Business Questions Through Mathematics

Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence that utilizes historical data to identify patterns, predict future results, and readjust its predictions based on new data. Move into the next stage of AI maturity by building mathematical models with ML.

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Smartbridge Machine Learning consulting services comprise of six key phases:

Start with the business question (Use-Case):

What are the current pain points, opportunities identified by the business? If the opportunities can be capitalized by having data-driven intelligence and associated patterns to execute the business deliverable, machine learning can augment the human capital.

Understand your maturity level.

There are a variety of ML platforms and solutions that come with various levels of complexity and customization. Whether your team is full of analytics experts or is at an entry level, it’s important to set analytics goals that match your maturity.

Identify the Functionality Required for Your Analytics.

Since different tools specialize in different functionality and have varying levels of flexibility, identify the primary functionality required for your analytics use cases.

Maintain a Unified Data Architecture.

When choosing new analytics tools, it’s important that they’re congruent with the existing data architecture. This involves understanding how a product integrates with your existing technology, as well as how it fits into your data flow.

Customize Deliverables for Your Audience.

Analytics deliverables should always be easy to understand and interact with. It’s crucial to consider the data literacy of your audience as well as the medium of your deliverable when designing a solution.

Cognitive Transformation:

As the business units adapt to the ML-enabled operations and processes, the opportunities can be more complex and requires a sophisticated methodology of combining technology, automation and data science to capture greater value.

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Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) is transforming the analytics space by allowing non-Machine Learning experts to develop and build ML models. With AutoML implemented into business intelligence tools you already use, like Power BI, users are given a more integrated ML experience.

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