Innovation is a human process that requires a culture of encouragement, support and recognition for it to thrive and succeed. Executives and C-suite must have a good understanding of digital transformation, establish and promote an innovation culture throughout the organization.

Smartbridge and its strategic alliance partners have teamed up to educate executives on the “Art of the Possible” with today’s digital technologies. Our “Transformation Talks” series contains a series of over 15 transformation topics such as predictive analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, and game theory to open your eyes on the endless range of possibilities to blow away your competition and propel yourself forward through transformation.

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Digital transformation is fundamentally a business transformation of your company. A business transformation requires organizations to establish a strategy and roadmap that addresses the people, process and technology components of the solution with clearly defined gates that measure progress and success.

Smartbridge will educate your leadership and employees, identify opportunities to innovate, and establish a strategy and roadmap that creates a sustainable culture of innovation and transformation.

The roadmap when executed carefully, puts you on a transformation journey and creates market differentiation for you, relative to your competition.

Transform IT Podcast

Smartbridge produces an original podcast featuring topics and thought leaders focused around innovation.


Move from the traditional ‘What happened?’ to “What will happen” predictive capabilities, and continuing to establish ‘How can we make it happen?” capabilities through artificial intelligence & machine learning.

Implementing AI and ML can help remove complex issues in your internal processes which would have otherwise gone unresolved.


Modeling is a way to solve complex real-life business problems by creating a virtual representation of a real-world system, often called ‘digital twin’. If the components of this model are driven by mathematical relationships, you can simulate this virtual representation under a wide range of conditions to see how it behaves, by adjusting the levers or parameters that affect the output of the model.

Modeling and simulation are especially valuable for testing conditions that might be difficult to reproduce. Iterating between modeling and simulation can improve the quality of the system or process design early, thereby reducing the number of errors found later in the design process.

Avoid costly and time-consuming experimentation with physical assets. Instead, use mathematical knowledge and computer’s computation power to solve real world problems cheaply and in time efficient manner.

Smartbridge’s data scientists and advanced software developers use software such as MATLAB, Mathematica, R and Python to create the digital twins to model your complex problems, simulate and identify the optimal set of parameter settings that gives you the best outcomes.

R for statistical computing
  • Framing the business problem in mathematical model

  • Development of the model using computers

  • Simulation of the model

  • Recommendations based on simulation results

Embark on your digital innovation journey
with the clarity needed to succeed.