What to Expect from Tableau in 2016, Plus a Look at Tableau 9.3

Smartbridge recently visited the Tableau Partner Summit to learn more about the future of the critical analytics tool. In this blog post, I recount my experiences and provide an idea of what new features to expect in Tableau 9.3


This week I attended the Tableau Partner Summit conference with several Smartbridge colleagues and it was a great event with an exciting and upbeat atmosphere.

Christian Chabot, the CEO and Co-founder of Tableau, gave the opening keynote for the summit which ended with some Q&A. One gentleman asked, “What other products are in the pipeline at Tableau?”. This was a well-timed question since Christian had just finished touting that Tableau was going to spend more on R&D in 2016 than in all the previous 13 years of the company combined.

As Christian put it, Tableau will continue to focus on building and improving their current three products lines,  and made it very clear that they will not be distracted from that mission of helping people see and understand data, continuing to be the leader in that space.

This was a real standout moment for me at the Summit and a realization as to why they have been so successful. Their laser focus has served them well over the past 13 years and they are not planning on distracting or diverting resources going forward either.

That being said, it seems like every week I hear about a new product in this space that could be a competitor… not to mention all the traditional and enterprise vendors also releasing products and functionality as an answer to Tableau’s huge success and popularity in the market. So it remains to be seen whether Tableau can continue with the same trajectory it has achieved in the past.

New Features in Tableau 9.3

Tableau is going to spend more on R&D in 2016 than in all the previous 13 years of the company combined.

Tableau also announced that there will be four new releases in 2016 and a lot of great new features coming in Tableau 9.3. These include:

  • Unions: For Excel and text-based data sources, you can now combine tables of data by appending values (rows) from one table to another.
  • Updates to level of detail expressions and forecasting make it easier for you to answer more questions and explore new scenarios.
  • New maps data, including postal codes for 42 European countries, helps you conduct your geographical analysis with less effort and the most current information.
  • Tableau Desktop stays connected to the last server you were signed into. This feature makes it easier for you to share and collaborate when you’re working with Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server or Tableau Online.
  • Find the right content more quickly now that content analytics and enhanced search capabilities are available in Tableau Server and Tableau Online.
  • Use revision history to restore previous versions of a published workbook.
  • Ensure server availability and optimize performance with new server monitoring and configuration features.
  • Experience faster viz and dashboard load times with 9.3 performance enhancements.

Here is the full document highlighting what’s coming in Tableau 9.3 if you want to learn more about new features and enhancements by product.

Overall, it was a great meeting for partners, including Smartbridge, and Tableau confirmed they are working hard to enable and empower the partner channel, as it is a very important part of their business. Understandably so, as they have had impressive partnership growth. Just a few years ago Tableau had about 60 partners, compared to the over 600+ partners currently. I am looking forward to working with Tableau and seeing what else they have in store in 2016.

Tableau is a member of the Smartbridge Partner Alliance.

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