The Latest in the Future of JD Edwards

It was another insightful experience at this year’s Collaborate 17 (the technology and applications forum for the Oracle community).

The Overall JD Edwards Message

Oracle continues to enhance JD Edwards with new capabilities and functionality, and customers must upgrade to embrace digital transformation. Early adopters of this new functionality will receive open access to Oracle resources so customers can be successful. Partners will also have access to these resources. While Cloud is not the only option for customers, Oracle would love for you to migrate, as it fits their new business model.

The Big Revelation

Oracle announced that they will support customers on JDE 9.2.X until 2028 – a huge announcement that is a big relief to customers. This means customers can upgrade and stay on 9.2 for a long time while taking on periodic updates.

Another in-between-the-lines revelation:  “There is no plan for any major 9.3 release in near future”.
Oracle has not committed to any new code branch for 9.3 and will only do it if need arises in future. Until then, the roadmap stops at 9.2 with quarterly updates.

JD Edwards at Collaborate

Early Adopter Program

Oracle announced that they will provide dedicated resources to work with early adopter customers and partners.

These resources will provide guidance on architecture, troubleshooting and ways to best use the product to solve customer business needs. They will assist early adopter customers in order to convert them to reference customers. Current focus areas of early adopter program are: UX One, Cloud and Code Current.

Smartbridge has established an early contact with Oracle resources to enable this engagement from Oracle, and customers can use our backdoor connections to achieve quick access if they want to be an early adopter of specific new functionality. We also invest our own time and resources in trying out some of these new functionalities.

Digital Transformation Workshops

Over 40 companies have attended digital transformation workshops conducted in some of the cities. Smartbridge conducted digital transformation workshops in Houston, Dallas and even at Collaborate in Vegas.

Attendees walked away with a clear understanding of what digital transformation is and the possibilities it opens up. They saw what innovative companies are doing and how companies can organize themselves to realize the benefits of this transformation. We also provided demonstrations of possibilities with IoT and Voice Assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home) which we integrated with JD Edwards to enable business processes and simplify business transformation.  It was a great hit with the attendees who began thinking of many ways they can adopt these technologies in their organizations.

JD Edwards Roadmap

Oracle’s investment seems to be in 4 major areas going forward:

  1. User Experience

  2. Cloud

  3. Digital Technologies and

  4. Core ERP


EnterpriseOne 9.2 was released in October 2015 and since then, Oracle released five (5) updates.

Over the next several updates, Oracle plans to release the following functionality:

JD Edwards feature release


Customers can expect several new functionality enhancements in 2017 or later. Some of the major ones are:

  1. More UX One roles
  2. EnterpriseOne wide search
  3. Attachments enhancements
  4. Mobile apps will have ability to read barcodes
  5. Mobile apps will be enabled with geo-location
  6. Inventory commitment refresh
  7. Enhancements to grower management module
  8. Orchestrator enhancements
  9. Object usage statistics
  10. 1-click provision on Oracle public cloud

A Big Reveal from DSI

At this year’s Collaborate, Smartbridge partner DSI® launched their largest collection of supply chain apps in their app store.  Customers can use nearly 200 application accelerators as they pursue their digital transformation initiatives, such as supply chain enabling bar coding.

Take a look at to browse these apps by supply chain function or by ERP. It also includes video demos and app documentation.

Collaborate17 Smartbridge exhibit booth

The Smartbridge booth at Collaborate17

I’m already looking forward to the next Collaborate. It truly is a collaborative experience meeting with partners, customers, old colleagues and new attendees. It’s a great community that keeps growing!

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