The Best Intelligence from MicroStrategy World 2013

The Best Intelligence from MicroStrategy World 2013

The sun has set on this year’s MicroStrategy World conference and we all left Las Vegas a little wiser for having been. Business intelligence professionals are eager to use big data to make better decisions, empower a workforce with enterprise mobility, and gain an upper hand with readily accessible research and knowledge.

Whether it was at the Smartbridge exhibit booth or inside the sessions, our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) team discovered telling insight into what the future holds for BI.

We’ve rounded up a few nuggets to share with you here. Have any thoughts on our thoughts? Add a comment below!

From Matt DiBona, Director of Enterprise Information Management:

In speaking with many folks at our booth, I heard a consistent theme: many of the topics du jour (especially mobile BI and dashboards) are having a hard time getting kick-started at their respective companies despite the ample press they have and continue to receive in the media. In many of these instances, it appeared as though a lack of executive support for the initiative is the culprit. My questions are this:

Photo courtesy of MicroStrategy
  1. Are executives soured toward these initiatives because of previous projects’ inability to deliver on the hype, or do they just not believe (or are unaware of) the real business value that can be realized by enabling a better analytical workflow?
  2. How much of a positive impact will the MicroStrategy World conference have on the chances of staff and manager-level attendees finally getting upper management’s support of these initiatives?
  3. Did the business decision-makers attend the conference this year, and will they drive these initiatives top-down?

From Sri Raju, Smartbridge CEO:

I saw a similar theme emerge in my discussions with several attendees. Most companies are rolling pilot implementations of dashboards or mobile. The reasons for this slow adoption are many, but in summary here is what I heard:

  1. There is a lack of understanding of best practices and processes to get started.
  2. Customers often do not have the right skills to create effective dashboard designs. IT is struggling to deliver and meet the expectations of the business when it comes to modern dashboards and mobile delivery.
  3. In many companies, BI projects are still following traditional waterfall methodologies. Tools like MicroStrategy Visual Insight allow interactive design and development of dashboards in a rapid prototyping mode.

    Several customers agreed that their current mode of engaging with business to deliver BI solutions must be changed to accelerate adoption.

  4. Another theme I heard is the increased need for marketing analytics in their companies. Marketers are asking for more analytics from their IT and are often not getting it.

From Silesh Amujuri, EIM Consultant:

With all the exciting new/improved products, MicroStrategy came out with a bang. With ‘fabulous’ Cloud, ‘trendy’ Alert and ‘powerful’ Big Data Solutions, MicroStrategy showed it’s more than just a reporting tool.

Amazon, Netflix, Dell, Yahoo!, Facebook and many more popular brands had attendees spilling out into the hallways. Learning how they tackled their unique challenges and seeing their innovative solutions was an exciting experience for me. I look forward to all the new improvements that are in the pipeline for newer versions of MicroStrategy.

From Brooke Browne, Communications Manager:

When asking all Smartbridge booth visitors, “what brought you to the conference?”, one thing was clear: mobile intelligence is a way of life for any organization looking to rise above.

People were intrigued with MicroStrategy’s move beyond business intelligence to mobile development. They were even more captivated by the beautiful UX capabilities coming out of MicroStrategy, whether it’s their own solutions or ones from partners such as us. Our FoodOps app received attention from business analyst and architects alike for its easy intuitive display.

But hey, MicroStrategy’s own CEO said it best on Twitter:

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