Tableau 10. Is It a Win?

The latest news of a Tableau 10 release has inspired much excitement in business intelligence circles. In this blog post, I review the revamped features of Tableau 10 and offer a guide on what to expect with the newest iteration of this celebrated product.

Much Awaited Features Realized with Tableau 10 Beta Release

The release of Tableau 10 seems to be the talk of the BI-town. Tableau got both users and developers excited and eager for the release of Tableau 10, after their live virtual event (#TableauVTUG) hosted by their Virtual User Group, where they demonstrated the new features incorporated in Tableau 10 beta version 3. I am very excited to discuss below some of the new features with this release that will help us breathe easy and overcome obstacles in rendering robust BI analysis.

For all you Tableau enthusiasts and to-be enthusiasts, link for the event and other useful information of the product is given below under the glossary section.

Tableau 10 Got a Fresh New Look!

The developers at Tableau along with inputs from the renowned designer Tobias Frere-Jones brought a fresh new look and feel to the Tableau interface. The following are some of the beautiful features you can’t keep your eyes off:

  • Revamped iconography, typography and colors. The image below explains it all.
  • Show Me gets a makeover to better represent all the viz that are available for analysis.
  • New defaults, such as the font size and style, line weight, the default color palettes and legend background color. These new defaults make it less visually heavy to draw your knowledge to the data and visualizations.
Tableau 10
  • New workbook formatting. This feature makes it easier to change the font style for all the sheets in the workbook and not just the ones on the dashboard. You can also make changes to particular worksheet titles. Sigh of relief!

Tableau 10

Data Game Changers

Roger Hau, Senior Program Manager, and the Tableau Data Prep and Integration team, are indeed on fire…. as the amazing Amy Forstrom (Product Manager) would put it. To eradicate the hassle of combining all disparate data sources into one common data warehouse, Tableau introduces the following new features that are changing your data capabilities:

  • Cross-Database Joins: Yes! It’s true, Data integration just got better with Tableau 10. You can now join various disparate data sources natively in the product.
Tableau 10
  • Google sheets and QuickBooks Connectors: you can now connect to Google sheets and QuickBooks as a data source directly from Tableau Desktop. Please look at the image below to spot more connectors:

Tableau 10

Analytics for Your Thought

Amy Forstorm, a product manager at Tableau, gave an upbeat presentation about making your designs and ideas come through on the dashboard the easiest way possible. The new features on the analytical capabilities expected in Tableau 10 are listed below.

  • Clustering: Identifying interesting patterns from the data is definitely helping answer many questions during analysis. The new Clustering feature allows us to do exactly that.

Tableau 10

Advanced Analytics (Outlier Detection, native K-means Clustering) is bringing the power of tools like R natively into Tableau will reduce the learning curve for many users that want to run advance statistical analysis on their data. Advanced analytics is just the beginning; we can only expect predictive analytics to soon follow.

  • Custom Territories: Not all questions can be answered by looking at standard regions and areas. Each company has their own unique areas that needs to be focused on to answer questions. Tableau gives us the ability to make quick custom areas like sales territories, customer’s zip codes, and so on with custom territories.
Tableau 10
  • Highlighter: Using the power of search to highlight points of interest.
Tableau 10
  • Cross Data Source Filters: No, this is not a dream, you can now filter across data sources without the need of parameters, data blending or merging data sources. This feature definitely hit home the right way.

Tableau 10

Sharing is Caring

BI analysis does not stop at creating beautiful dashboards, but with sharing your insights with others by publishing them on the web. Below are a few features that make sharing your insights with others a breeze.

  • Tableau Mobile is now on Android.
  • Device designer: How are users going to view the dashboard on different platforms? Device designer with Tableau 10 allows the user to view the dashboards at the optimal level across different devices and models. Customize separate layouts for multiple devices with the same dashboard and one URL for all, Tableau is smart enough to display the dashboard as per the size of the viewing device.

Tableau 10

At Your Self – Service

Do more with the web without waiting for an expert to show you how. Below are the new features on the self-service and collaboration fronts.

  • Data Source Analytics – Content analytics with a twist. Data Sources and Workbooks can be sorted based on popularity. You can also “favorite” data sources and workbooks. Valuable data for your data.
Tableau 10
  • Version Control: Ever overwritten a workbook and lost valuable objects in the process? Don’t fret. With the new version control feature you can now restore previous versions with a simple click.
Tableau 10
  • Web Authoring: Do more with the web as opposed to prior versions. You can now add published data sources, build new dashboards, author and edit dashboards and other interactive capabilities all on the web. You will no longer feel restricted on the Web.

Tableau 10

My Overall Opinion on Tableau 10? It’s a Win.

Tableau says, “It’s all about data plus you”. And rightfully so. Tableau is paying close attention to the needs and suggestions of their users and community and are out-doing themselves with every product release. I have only listed a few features on this post, please review the glossary section and/or please reach out to us if you had any questions or comments regarding Tableau 10.

Tableau’s Remarks

Tableau gives props to the Tableau Community for most of the enhancements with this release. They encourage the community to keep posting comments, feedback and suggestions, as they are being of great use to the development team.

When Will Tableau 10 Be Released?

“We have a timeline for getting Tableau 10 out the door, but we’d first like to get solid usage in beta and fix any bugs. We want your feedback as early as possible to catch any issues and ensure the new features are great. The features included in beta and in the final version of Tableau 10 may change over time as we get feedback from beta users.”

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