Smartbridge Launches Online RPA Training Courses to Help Counteract COVID-19 Impact

In response to the impact of COVID-19, Smartbridge has shifted all RPA training efforts into remotely accessible courses, starting with the RPA Developer Foundation Masterclass, now available on Udemy.

Covid-19 continues to impact various businesses, industries and workers, forcing many to radically adjust their daily practices. Social distancing is causing many in-person initiatives to remain on hold, and training is no exception. However, Smartbridge has temporarily shifted our in-person Robotic Process Automation training initiatives by offering remote training courses available immediately.

The RPA Developer Foundation Masterclass – Available on Udemy

Udemy has provided an easily accessible avenue for Smartbridge to share its thought leadership and expertise through online RPA training. Since uploading our first training video February of this year, our courses have generated tremendous traction for all levels of RPA professionals globally. Our trainers cover high-level RPA topics through condensed learning segments, lessons and practical UiPath studio examples.

Our RPA Developer Foundation Masterclass details the essentials to grow and thrive in the automation realm – from learning what to automate and how, to fully understanding developer fundamentals through practical exercises/examples. Here are some high-level takeaways from the course, and what you can expect to learn:

  • A complete understanding of RPA technology

  • Learning what processes can be automated and how

  • Detailed overview of UiPath studio functionalities

  • How to construct and use an RPA bot

  • Interactive labs, examples and exercises

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We’re offering immediate services to combat Coronavirus business challenges.

Remote Work & Managed Services

Robotic Process Automation technology is one experts are calling “recession proof”, making RPA training seemingly more important now more than ever.

RPA, an answer to economic crisis?

Your professional development goals shouldn’t have to slow down because of the Coronavirus. Our RPA training team is prepared to offer remote versions of our in-person training courses until June 2020.

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