IT Services & Innovation for the
Services Industry

Digital Transformation for the Services Industry.

Smartbridge has a vast array of experience working with the service sector since we first opened our doors in 2003.

Computer services, financial services, facility services, professional services – what do they all have in common? The need to adapt to the changing pace of innovation, with agility, for starters. Our methodologies and technology partnerships prioritize intelligent solutions to create an exceptional customer experience.

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Onboard Your Digital Workforce

RPA Implementation and Training

Robotic Process Automation is a perfect solution to accounting, operations and sales work that revolves around repetitive rule-based and trigger-driven tasks. Redirect your workforce’s energy towards activities that improve customer experience and let the software bots do the mundane. When you’re ready, Smartbridge offers custom RPA training.

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Intelligent Information Management

The service industry must digitally transform to compete and win in today’s marketplace. Modernizing core applications such as enterprise content management (ECM) is essential to streamline how enterprise document assets are stored, managed, searched and retrieved for business process efficiency and automation.

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Why Smartbridge + M-Files?:
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Migrating to the Cloud with Salesforce CRM


Accelerated Productivity with Salesforce

As the leading CRM solution for sales, marketing and service, there are no limits to the digital transformation Salesforce can facilitate. Smartbridge assists with implementations, upgrades, automation and mobility of Salesforce and other core enterprise systems.

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Modern Data Warehousing in Cloud Analytics

The Agile Analytics Reference Architecture is Smartbridge’s ideal strategy for a modern data warehouse, business intelligence and agile analytics. The services sector is ready to move beyond the dated traditional BI architecture and Smartbridge has the experience to bring you up to speed.

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