Technology professionals have the means to provide a glimpse of hope during the economic downturn caused by the global Coronavirus, especially in the Salesforce community.

Transform IT Podcast Episode.20 – Salesforce COVID-19 Call-to-Arms
  • Did you recently go through a new Salesforce implementation?

  • Do you have a hard time supporting and keeping up with the maintenance of your Salesforce instance?

  • Have you been holding off on high-value projects and job functions because your team is too busy administering Salesforce?

  • Did you recently lose an admin or just need an extra hand to keep up with a growing Salesforce org?

46% of managed IT service users have reduced IT costs by 25%


With any system, there will be maintenance involved to keep it efficient and running properly. Smartbridge’s Salesforce specialists are here to help you with all your Salesforce administration needs.

Our support and maintenance service can be tailored to meet your needs via managed services or ongoing admin support and enhancement services.

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Our key support and maintenance services include:

User & Data Security

Smartbridge can secure access to your organization by setting and enforcing password and login policies, handling new user creation requests, maintaining object and field level security, and providing period audit reports.

Review Adoption and Help with User Training

Our team will understand your business process and review/report user adoption. Smartbridge can help with delivering focused user training/retraining as necessary to improve adoption.

Data Management

Smartbridge can handle data import, export, and back up activities. Our standard data management processes will ensure that your data is kept safe and reliable, preventing any contamination during data loads.

Reports & Dashboards

Reporting changes are ever evolving. It is impossible to think through all the possible reporting needs at the time of implementation. We maintain dashboards and build adhoc reports that help answer your critical business questions.

Data Cleanup

Data deduplication and cleanup can be tricky and non-reversible. Our team carefully reviews the data, works closely with your business analysts to define/implement data cleanup and deduplication rules. Smartbridge can also help you identify systematic enhancements needed to prevent data corruption from happening in the future by implementing data governance.

Automation Advancements
and App Creation

Do you want to add a new email notification based on a user’s action? Do you need to adjust your approval process to match a recent change in your org structure? Our team will work with you to define enhanced automation requirements and help you implement them.

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