A Journey Into Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a business can automate processes that assist with attracting new customers, and engage with existing customers in a personalized manner. In this article, we detail the recommended approach for building a journey through Salesforce Marketing Cloud automated emails.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Automated Emails

The purpose of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is to simplify the manual work that goes into campaign management and customer engagement. Using tools like Email Studio, Journey Builder, and Automation Studio, Marketing Cloud is an all-encompassing, extremely powerful marketing platform. This article provides a walk through of the recommended approach for building a journey through Salesforce Marketing Cloud automated emails.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud automated emails

During a recent Smartbridge hackathon, this scenario was used as a template to ensure the focus stayed within the boundary of the objective sought.

Once the direction was defined, the tasks associated with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud project began. To begin, let’s take a look at the scenario created for the purpose of this project:

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The Scenario

User (Dr. John Smith) has taken an interest in a business’s (WidgetCo) product. John opts in to receiving WidgetCo’s newsletter that identifies events being held. After the opt in process, John receives an email giving him a list of events nearest to him, to which he selects one and RSVPs. Prior to the event, John receives a reminder email from WidgetCo. John’s attendance will decide which type of email he receives. The email types are either a thank you email, or a follow up email to attend the next event.

The Analysis

The objective is to ensure that prospective customers are informed about events that the company is holding. They are informed by an email process that enables the company to provide insight of their events to their prospective customer.

Since the defaulted platform of service being used was Salesforce Marketing Cloud, time was saved deciding which platform of service to use. All that was left was deciding how the features provided by Salesforce could be applied to the configurations of the email process. In Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it’s essential to completely understand and streamline the data structure to reduce the complexity in using dynamic content.

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The Scope and Approach

The Context Diagram below provides a visual perspective that shows the inputs and outputs that took place in this project. This also provides visual reference for how the analysis was done from a detailed angle.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud automated emails

Having defined the scope, we can now illustrate the journey creation process through Salesforce Marketing Cloud automated emails. Here are some requirements that ensured the projects success:

  • Setting up data in the Marketing Cloud for Leads, Event Venues and Location

  • Calculating the distance between a leads location and an event location (Defined in SQL query)

  • Creating various email templates that would be sent to prospective customers (depending on the criteria met)

  • Creating an automated process which triggers a journey (Salesforce Marketing Cloud feature) to send emails

Project Execution

For this project, it was important to ensure that each area was handled by someone that has experience in the perspective task. This created time efficiency and avoided delays within the development process. Should the tasks be attempted by individuals, or groups, that do not have experience in the respective area, it is important to ensure that resources are provided to help increase the success rate of the project. Lastly, always use the vision of the end result provided by the analysis as reference. This will prevent any deviation during the development of the project.

In conclusion, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an efficient tool that assists businesses with marketing initiatives. By way of automation, Salesforce Marketing Cloud reduces the time needed to apply marketing methods by having the platform execute the process. This allows businesses to spend less time on marketing processes and invest their time in developing hands-free marketing campaigns. If there is a desire to improve the marketing process for a business, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is highly recommended.

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