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8 Things to Monitor

When You’re Maintaining Salesforce on a Budget

Sometimes we all need a little admin help. This new e-book helps you manage Salesforce during challenging times – and beyond!

In times of economic downturn, maintaining business critical systems can be a target for cost-cutting measures, especially when the perception is that a full-time resource isn’t necessary.

Every business has fallen on hard times as of late. We have seen an impact on Salesforce support that has organizations questioning whether they can simply “get by” with their current set-up. Perhaps, but that assumes your organization has come to a halt as well, with no employee turnover, or change in business processes!

Whether it’s Sales, Service, or Marketing Cloud, it’s essential to keep a healthy, user-friendly system in operation that doesn’t dissuade sales, marketing, and customer service reps to dis-engage from using such a vital component. A stale Salesforce install can be your Achilles heel once you have acclimated to your next normal, or start growing once again.

Possible reasons your SFDC investment may be vulnerable to neglect:

  • Reduction in force or furlough
  • Re-assigning trained Salesforce staff for new and immediate needs
  • Cutting budget means cutting or reducing partner contracts
  • Expiring partner contracts that for various reasons may not get renewed

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8 Things to Monitor When Maintaining Salesforce on a Budget 

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