MicroStrategy Delivers at the 2019 Phoenix Conference

The newest features and tools of MicroStrategy 2019 were unveiled at this years MicroStrategy World Conference in Phoenix Arizona. Through many high level presentations, demonstrations and workshops, this year certainly caught the attention of those who attended.

The Sentiment Analysis Demo

Ihad the pleasure of being both a presenter and audience member at the MicroStrategy World 2019 Conference. Our team conducted a demo of sentiment analysis through a use case that we at Smartbridge developed for a client. In this demo, we used R-scripts to do natural language processing of customer feedback comments, and presented the results in a MicroStrategy dossier. With brand level summary dashboards and a detailed dashboard to drill-down individual customer comments, it seemed insightful to those who attended. We also took advantage of the hyper intelligence card feature in MicroStrategy 2019, and demonstrated the quick insights available on keywords used by customers in their Yelp feedback. Given it’s a common problem across many industries, there was quite a bit of interest from the conference participants.

Newest Features and Tools of MicroStrategy 2019

A big conference takeaway was the future session, which highlighted the key features of the newest MicroStrategy tools release. MicroStrategy 2019 will feature many updated aspects to the current version, including the following:

  •  Additional features to workstation

  •  Federated analytics

  •  Augmented analytics

  •  Improved MS Office plugin

  •  Custom canvas for dossiers

  •  Improved embedded analytics

  •  Additional Hyper Intelligence feature

Key Sessions Covered

As a participant, I got to attend some very interesting presentations. One of which showcased the use of MicroStrategy and Snowflake to create embedded self-service analytics of managed mobile marketing. This presentation from Vibes touched on the business use case as well as the technical details of the architecture. At Smartbridge, we have been working with MicroStrategy and Snowflake bundled solutions for a few years. It was a great experience to see others in the industry using a similar approach to solve their business problems.

Another interesting presentation was done by the MicroStrategy team on real-time face analytics and image recognition. This involved using MicroStrategy REST APIs integrated with Amazon recognition, while a MicroStrategy dashboard displayed the statistics of people in real-time. During this demo, they took pictures of the audience members which updated the dashboard stats in real-time. Gender, expressions, and emotions were just a few of the stats visually present on the dashboard.

I also had the pleasure of attending one of our partner’s sessions. Fiesta Restaurant Group has continuously partnered with Smartbridge for years, resulting in many business goals achieved through project successes. Ryan Nowlin did a great job of taking the audience through Fiesta’s story of providing self-service analytics to the business. He presented the various challenges that IT faced with regards to people, processes and technology, and showcased the hurdles cleared to reach the goals of the business.

A Bright Future for MicroStrategy 2019

With the newest MicroStrategy tools release, businesses and partners have much to look forward to. We at Smartbridge are excited to strengthen or partnership through this new tool, and integrate its solutions to our MicroStrategy clients.

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