Automated Testing of Restaurant Point of Sales with eggPlant

Validating and testing the restaurant POS (Point of Sale) system is critical to any food service company. With ongoing updates, patches, menu price changes, new menu items, promotions and offerings, the POS needs to be checked so it displays the correct pricing and messaging for all your markets.

Based on my experience working as part of a QA team for a QSR company, we found regression testing to be a time consuming and error prone process. I found that the tedious task of regression testing can be expedited using an automation tool such as eggPlant, by TestPlant.

Here are some steps on getting started with eggPlant. Please note that eggPlant isn’t the only tool you can use, for our purposes it met the requirements. eggPlant provided the required functionality to capture images and a test scripting language called “SenseTalk” an English-like language that is easy to use. The scripts generated are easily modifiable and reusable for future testing.

eggPlant is a two-computer system, consisting of a controller machine, where scripts are authored and executed, and a system-under-test which runs a VNC server. eggPlant connects to this VNC server via its built-in viewer via TCP/IP. The system-under-test can be any system that has a VNC server for it.

Establish Connection:

The following steps need to be accomplished to establish a connection between eggPlant and the Target system.

  • Open eggPlant tool and select Connection menu
  • Select Add Connection
  • Enter test system name or IP address to connect

When the connection between Test System and eggPlant is successful you will see this:

Capture Images:

Images are captured using Enter Capture Mode option and provide the name to save the image.

eggPlant will generate a script command and execute that command at the same time an image is captured. eggPlant scripts are reusable and scripts can run on multiple registers or multiple servers simultaneously.

Execute Script:

Run Scripts from eggPlant. Select Run button to execute the open script on target system.

Script will run on targeted Test Systems as followed below.

Test Results:

We can view results for script that was executed along with script execution summary below. We can also view the statistics of the script on the right hand side.

We also modularized the scripts and avoided hard-coding any values to allow the scripts to be as re-usable as possible.

We successfully developed all the scripts for menu items and validated 32 markets using eggPlant tool within strict project timelines. By using these scripts we saved a significant amount of time, at least a reduction of 50% of man hours compared to when we executed these tests manually.

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