Transform IT Podcast Ep.18
The Impact of RPA on Process Improvement

In today’s episode, hosts Miraj & Patrick sit down with Senior Manager of Buckeye Partners L.P, Steven Fein, to discuss the impact of RPA on process improvement. 

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“RPA is Impacting Business Process Improvement”

impact of RPA on process improvement

Among the various technologies emerging in business today, Robotic Process Automation is on the forefront. More and more organizations are adopting RPA technology to significantly enhance the mundane processes bogging down their workforce. However, as the pressure to innovate continues to weigh on organizations, various questions emerge in the process. What is the true value proposition of RPA? What is the ROI and how is it measured? How do I get decision makers on board?

Organizations looking to adopt RPA technology want to gauge different models and road maps that will ultimately lead to their success. Further, they want their employees to rally around them in the process as they form their Center of Excellence. Perhaps most notable of organizations that have already started their journey is this – they now have a deeper understanding of their processes than they ever have before. The impact of RPA on process improvement is substantial in more ways than one.

“In terms of any ‘fear’ surrounding RPA, the reality is there are 100 different things going on simultaneously, RPA just comes to the forefront more so than other automation technologies. You have to ask yourself, ‘what am I preventing myself from doing?’ Because RPA could potentially remove that barrier.”

Steven Fein, Senior Manager at Buckeye Partners L.P

Listen as Steven discusses the impact of RPA on process improvement.

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