Transform IT Podcast Ep.19
Veterans in the IT Industry

In this special episode, we’re joined in the studio by former military members from Smartbridge to discuss veterans in the IT industry, and the benefits of hiring veterans. 

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“Veterans are making an impact in technology”

Veterans in the IT Industry

Many organizations are aware of the various benefits of hiring veterans. They’re work ethic, loyalty, and leadership capabilities can serve them well in the public sector after their military separation. Further, their above average ability to adapt in unfamiliar environments can benefit organizations in various industries. However, the benefits of hiring veterans in the IT industry can often go overlooked.

In a recent Forbes article, How Hiring Veterans Wins the War for Tech Talent, author Geri Stengel states, “The tech industry is notorious for projects that are over budget and late. Fewer than one-third of all tech projects are completed on time and on budget. Veterans know how to build a cohesive team and motivate them to work toward a common goal.” In an industry that thrives on operating through an agile methodology, the dynamic characteristics instilled in many veterans helps them grow, thrive, and lead in the IT space, even with little to no prior experience.

Prior service men and women from all backgrounds serve as cornerstones in many organizations, especially in the aspect of leadership and project management. In this special episode, we’re joined by four Smartbridge military veterans who share their thoughts, experiences, and insight regarding veterans in the IT industry.

“The usefulness of hiring veterans in the IT field is because you are now placing very ambitious and self-driven individuals in the work layer of your teams. This frees up leadership to do more innovative things since they now have embedded leadership in their departments to drive efforts.”

Rob Amason, Digital Innovations Manager at Smartbridge

Listen as Army veteran Patrick Pahls, Coast Guard veteran Zach Reynolds, Navy veteran Luis Lessing, and Marine veteran Rob Amason discuss the impact of veterans in IT.

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