On-Demand Webinar: Efficient JDE Budgeting & Planning with insightsoftware.com

hubbleblacksmallIs it possible to reduce an allocations budget cycle time from days to MINUTES?

Yes – there is a better way! In this 45-minute presentation and live demo, we’ll share techniques to using insightsoftware.com’s Hubble solution and Excel to greatly cut the allocations budget cycle timeframe.

Smartbridge, in partnership with insightsoftware.com, has implemented Planning and Budgeting for multiple clients. One such client, a $10B market-cap oil and gas business, was spending several man-days during the budget cycle to develop their G&A allocations budget.

After implementing Hubble, they gained process efficiencies and visibility and traceability of the allocations.

We’ll take a deeper look into this use case and demonstrate Hubble planning for payroll in a live demo.

During the webinar we will also cover:

  • Hubble reporting to pull the data model inputs from JD Edwards
  • How the model is contained within structured Excel tables using Excel Structured References with very few A1 type of references
  • How the Excel model results are uploaded and applied to an Hubble budgeting form and then submitted, approved and uploaded into JDE
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