Okta Identity and Access Management

Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. It’s a service that gives employees, customers and partners secure access to the tools they need to do their most important work.

Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. Enable your organization to use any technology and protect the identities of your workforce and customers.

Recognized by Gartner as a category creator and Forrester as a category leader, Okta provides protection for cloud, on-premises, and hybrid applications to securely connect you to the right technology at the right time.

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Identity and access management is so much more than password storage. Okta is an ideal tool for large to enterprise organizations with multiple solutions for workforce and customer identity.

Workforce Identity

  • SSO

  • MFA

  • Universal Directory

  • Lifecycle Management (Users)

  • API Access Management

  • Advanced Serve Access

  • Access Gateway

Customer Identity

  • Authentication

  • Authorization

  • User Management

  • MFA

  • Lifecycle Management (Users)

  • B2B Integration

  • Access Gateway

Smartbridge is an Associate Partner

Smartbridge has over 17 years of implementation and consulting experience plus extensive expertise in application development, cloud services, and more. We offer project management, implementation & configuration consultant services for the Okta product along with identity and access management framework consultant services.

By using an associate partner like Smartbridge, you will be able to take advantage of competitive pricing on licensing. We also provide Business Value Discovery and Okta Value Discovery services to identify the total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROA).

Okta Works With Your Technology

Okta is a secure identity cloud that links all your apps, logins, and devices into a unified digital fabric. With Okta, you’re up and running on day one with every app and program you use to work instantly available. Whether you’re at your desktop or on the go, Okta seamlessly connects you to everything you need. With over 1000+ out of the box .API’s available to customers, the time to value of integrations to enterprise applications like Salesforce, Workday, JD Edwards, NetSuite, Snowflake, MicroStrategy, etc. are greatly improved while reducing user login friction so that your teams can stay focused on what they do best.

Getting Started with Zero Trust

Never trust, always verify

Zero Trust means forgetting the idea that we have a trusted internal network and an untrusted external network. Rather, we should focus on the individual user and their security access. In this paper, Okta will explore:

  • The shifts in the security landscape that led to the creation of Zero Trust

  • What the Zero Trust Extended Ecosystem (ZTX) framework looks like today

  • How organizations can utilize Okta as the foundation for a successful Zero Trust program now, and in the future

okta getting started with zero trust
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