Improve Your Digital Workplace Integration & Efficiency

Supporting a Newly Remote Workforce?
An Intelligent Information Management Strategy Reduces Distributed Workforce Struggles.

Right now, the coronavirus pandemic is forcing every business to think differently about their digital workspaces.

Do your employees know how to find documents when they work remotely?

Are you able to manage document rights easily?

Are you able to collaborate efficiently with customers?

One key to support a distributed workforce is to achieve a single view of your current information assets across your existing systems (network folders, siloed systems, Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Salesforce, etc.).

Ultimately, where the data is really doesn’t matter!

Here’s what you learn in this M-Files discussion and demonstration:

  • How to improve productivity by automating and streamlining the processes around your documents.
  • How to allow staff to work in the applications they prefer, but maintain compliance.
  • How to seamlessly unify collaboration, content and control across all applications.

Screenshots from the video:

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M-Files for Digital Workplace
M-Files for Digital Workplace
M-Files for Digital Workplace
M-Files for Digital Workplace

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