Order Process Modernization for a Manufacturing Company

The Client

Our client is an electronic monitoring product manufacturer that specializes in providing comprehensive electronic monitoring solutions to over 700 law enforcement and community corrections agencies in 43 states and the District of Columbia. They are one of the largest providers of active GPS-based offender monitoring hardware and software solutions in the United States.

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

Primary Issues and Objectives

The client had implemented a Salesforce community portal in 2019 for order intake. The gaps in the current solution were causing inefficiencies and poor customer experience. ​ The current system had many challenges in multiple areas.

Order Intake

  • Lack of order visibility internally and to the customers​

  • Unable to limit product selection based on contractual authorization

  • Lack of communication for order changes

  • Unable to meet order fulfillment SLA

Product Returns

  • Manual process of shipping label generation

  • Redundant data entry for the receiving team

  • No inventory visibility in the return process

  • SLA non-compliance for investigation returns

Smartbridge has an expertise in a variety of Salesforce services

During the discovery phase of the project, a Smartbridge team interviewed stakeholders to understand the current challenges in detail and helped the client define objectives and scope for a two-phased modernization project.

Phase 1

  • Drive self-service adoption through Salesforce customer portal

  • Automate order process to minimize human intervention and optimize the process

Phase 2

  • Eliminate paper and improve the turnaround time in the returns process

  • Improve the inventory data visibility and product status

  • Avoid duplicate data entry

The Smartbridge Solution

Smartbridge designed and developed a modern order processing solution using the combination of Salesforce Experience Cloud and Service Cloud. Additionally, custom development capabilities of the Salesforce platform were leveraged as needed to implement an intuitive user interface for the end-users to easily view the product catalog, create a new order, return a product, or request investigation.

The client’s internal processes have been significantly improved by implementing an intelligent order approval process, branded email notifications, and integration with other enterprise systems to avoid duplicate data entry. The Smartbridge team used MuleSoft processes to implement multiple system integrations.

Success Through  Modernization

The project resulted in multiple benefits for the client.

  • Significant improvement in SLA compliance for order fulfillment

  • Improved customer retention due to better order fulfillment experience

  • 50% reduction in the process steps for order returns

  • Reduced inventory costs due to faster refurbishment of returned devices

  • Phase 1 project has resulted in 100% return on investment within the first year

“Smartbridge provided their professional Salesforce expertise to help understand and address pain points with our order intake and returns process. The team was very knowledgeable, collaborative, and responsive throughout our projects, which were completed on time and under budget. Their proficiency in integrating Salesforce with other core business systems and custom solutions is exceptional.

— Client

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