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Successfully Implement and Integrate an Intelligent Enterprise Content Management Solution.

Businesses must digitally transform themselves to compete and win in today’s marketplace. Modernizing core applications such as enterprise content management (ECM) is essential to streamline how enterprise document assets are stored, managed, searched and retrieved for business process efficiency and automation.

Smartbridge recommends M-Files, the market-leading ECM software, for organizations seeking to transform their content management processes with AI-driven intelligent document management capabilities.

Smartbridge is an M-Files certified partner experienced in reselling, architecting and implementing M-Files for enterprises.
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M-Files for SharePoint

M-Files For SharePoint

M-Files for Microsoft SharePoint Online allows customers to use the Microsoft SharePoint Online view to manage all related information. Bring intelligent information to your workflows and business processes to make managing documents easy.

  • Drive digital business enablement with automated processes

  • Bring all data repositories together without migration

  • Extend your Office 365 with intelligent information management

M-Files For Salesforce

M-Files for Salesforce brings intelligent information management to support sales processes and workflows. Use the Salesforce view you’re familiar with to access and manage customer related documents and data no matter where it is stored.

  • Connect business data with Salesforce content

  • Support your business processes

  • Location does not matter

Smartbridge is a Salesforce Partner

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Why Smartbridge + M-Files?

Successful Adoption of M-Files Begins with Smartbridge


Our experience with data management, integration, enterprise applications, and robust project methodology ensures your M-Files deployment will successfully serve as a foundational component to your overall applications architecture.

User Experience Focused

Safeguard your long-term success with proper change management and ensure user adoption.


More Than ECM

Unify systems, data, and content across the organization without disturbing existing systems and processes or requiring data migration. Access it through web, mobile, or desktop.

Driven by the Power of AI

Intelligent services provide metadata suggestions using natural language processing and text analytics.