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Prepare your organization for an effective mobile transformation by starting with a mobility strategy that defines objectives, policies, tools, standards and priorities by gaining a clear understanding of business processes.

Creating this “yellow brick road” is a must for your long-term success. Address the demands from business units, lay the infrastructure to protect company data and assets, build the skills and resources, mobile-enable your core business processes while balancing cost, risk, productivity and growth. With our independent perspective and structured approach, we will help you establish the strategy to achieve your mobility objectives.

  • Strategy & Roadmap

  • Kickstart & Mini Roadmap

  • Software Vendor Selection

  • Assessment

  • UX & UI

  • Design & Development

  • Backend Integration

  • Offline Connectivity

  • Managed Services


Mobile applications must transform business processes by delivering transformational functionality with rich user experience, ease of use, seamless integration to back-end systems.

Engage the users with mobile apps that capture, interpret and act on multiple data sources in real time and continuously improve based on usage analytics and user feedback with rapid revisions.

  • UX & UI

  • Design & Development

  • Backend Integration

  • Offline Connectivity

  • Managed Services

Mobile app accelerators


Smartbridge has accelerated your time to deployment by building a variety of mobile apps to fit some of the most desired business cases. Take a look at our apps focused on work orders, tools & material requisition, field equipment rental, commercial real estate, sales orders and company address books.

Explore Mobile App Accelerators and Use Cases


Integrate mobile devices into your enterprise security frameworks and information technology life-cycles with emphasis on operational integrity and reliability to better engage with customers, improve business processes.

With the extensive mobile expansion in the corporate world, the use cases for EMM are ever expanding and in some cases becoming business critical. Leverage our expertise to effectively manage core processes such as application deployment, security and user support.

  • Device Management

  • Application Management

  • Content Management
  • Auditing & Tracking

  • Data Protection

Adapting Voice Assistance for Business

3-Part Series


As Smartbridge looked deeper into voice assistants’ expanding technology, we were convinced that there is an incredible opportunity to improve business processes with voice assistance. Smartbridge’s innovators are now leading the way to developing voice assisted solutions that enhance business efficiency from the executive suite to the warehouse floor.

Check out our series of blog posts highlighting our experiences and progression through our journey with voice assisted services for business.

Adapting Voice Assistance for Business

3-Part Series


Create new capabilities by bringing together people, process, data and things turning information into actions.

Connect the sensors, controllers, or the stabilizers from the machines on the manufacturing floors, hospitals, or vehicles to the internet in a secure way to gain deeper insight with analytics to enhance productivity while improving quality and safety.

  • Ideation to Pilot

  • Design & Development

  • Backend Integration

  • Analytics

It’s not enough to just deploy a mobile app to your workforce. To make it truly useful, it should integrate seamlessly with your ERP and CRM. Smartbridge has decades of experience with Oracle JD Edwards, as well as NetSuite, Salesforce, and others.

Mobility for Oracle JD Edwards
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