MicroStrategy World 2014 – The Transformative Year

MicroStrategy World 2014 – The Transformative Year


Just like last year, we were inspired by the maturity of MicroStrategy users at World this last week in Las Vegas. They came seeking inspiration to continue moving their organization’s business intelligence ever forward – and from talking to hundreds at our booth, they found their motivation.

Here are some thoughts from the attending Smartbridge team:

Matt DiBona, Director:

One session at World, presented by Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, captivated people on how quickly they were able to build mobile dashboards.

One session at World, presented by Einstein Noah Restaurant Group, captivated people with how quickly they were able to build mobile dashboards.

As in years past, MicroStrategy World was a blend of looking towards the future while taking the time to celebrate the practical applications of MicroStrategy technologies today.

This year, the forward-looking topics were heavily focused on Mobile, Cloud, PRIME (MicroStrategy’s new massively-parallel distributed relational in-memory BI engine) and Usher/Alert (MicroStrategy’s identity and loyalty offerings).  Common themes across the various keynotes supporting these topics included speed, simplicity, security, and enabling business process with information and analytics.

The breakout sessions I attended detailed the journeys customers have undertaken over the past 12-18 months to deliver tactical successes to its customers with the MicroStrategy platform.  Surely next year will present customer case studies on the latest MicroStrategy technologies, and I expect there will continue to be breakout sessions that will resonate with customers/prospective customers at all levels of BI and MicroStrategy maturity.

Jon Shale, Director:

MicroStrategy World 2014 was an exciting event this year…the great prognosticator Michael Saylor predicted a transformative year in 2014.  Bluetooth will be the next great technology, even though it has been around  almost two decades, as it will be fully leveraged and realized on mobile devices.

Identity management, especially as it relates to security, will continue to grow in importance.  Mobile continues to take center stage and will start to surpass PCs on device purchases and where initial app development begins.  The continuing trend towards mobile dashboards is gathering steam throughout companies as some take the plunge with a “Mobile First” strategy.  “Mobile First” refers to the decision to develop mobile dashboards before web-based dashboards.

Ryan Campanile, VP:

The Smartbridge booth in the exhibit hall.

The Smartbridge booth in the exhibit hall.

One hot topic that I heard quite a bit at MicroStrategy World is regarding solutions and solution accelerators… not just for MicroStrategy, but the entire BI stack.

Most people recognize MicroStrategy as a best of breed technology BI platform but, increasingly, we are seeing niche players, point solutions, and even the mega vendors bring pre-defined solutions to the table. It is crucial that we bring these solution accelerators to the market, both horizontally and vertically aligned, and this is something that we focus quite a bit of investment on at Smartbridge.

(If you’re curious about what a solution accelerator might look like, take a peek at FoodOps.)

If you attended, please share your thoughts about the conference in the comments below.

[Featured image and top image courtesy of @eJonesy, MicroStrategy World 2014]

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