JD Edwards Simplified Upgrade & Cloud – in Concert! [VIDEO]

Get ready to discover key details on both the Simplified Upgrade Process, and the cloud to streamline your upgrade and future maintenance.

Key objectives of the webinar include:

  • Specific details to execute your Simplified Upgrade like a champ
  • Methods & tactics to combine an upgrade and Cloud migration
  • Migrate to the cloud with these key considerations in mind
  • Discover the finer details of Oracle & Amazon cloud services
  • Join us and learn how to simplify your JDE upgrade and future maintenance!

Simplified Upgrade

Many JD Edwards customers are looking to upgrade to JD Edwards 9.2. The Simplified Upgrade process reduces the time and effort required to upgrade your JD Edwards environment. It does this by applying code and objects in a net-change format that preserves unaffected modified objects. The process can significantly decrease your retrofit effort by preserving many of your modifications.

Cloud Migration

A cloud hosted solution can greatly reduce infrastructure costs while improving system reliability and security. Consider all the facts – is migrating to the cloud the best fit for long- and short-term goals? Plus, how do you go about upgrading AND moving your on-premise environment in one fell swoop?

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