9 Requirements for Implementing CNC Managed Services for JD Edwards

Every JD Edwards customer has CNC (Configurable Network Computing) support needs. The question is, what are all the tasks being required by your CNC staff, and are your staffing level and needs in balance?

Here are some common scenarios where it may make sense to augment your JD Edwards CNC (Configurable Network Computing) with managed services, along with best practices for implementing a strong support structure.

Challenge Scenario 1

Our staff has their hands full – constantly fighting fires, working on projects, and running the business.

This is a strong case for hiring additional CNC staff, however it may be difficult to find the right mix of talent and skill sets. In this case, you can leverage CNC managed services to supplement your existing staff. This will free up your team to focus on strategic projects, long-term planning and key initiatives to stabilize your environment. The extended managed services team handles daily routine tasks and support tickets.

Challenge Scenario 2

We need CNC support, but don’t have enough work that requires a full-time CNC.

In this case you are looking for a managed services provider who can meet your basic support needs, while having the experience and expertise to provide ongoing guidance and recommendations to support your business.

Challenge Scenario 3

Our CNC needs vary over the year with workload going up and down. At times we need additional support and other times we have extra capacity.

An on-demand CNC managed service offering is the best fit for this scenario. This is a supplemental support team that can engage only when needed at certain times. The managed service team should be able to provide additional expertise not readily available on your internal staff, such as database or network administration.

CNC Managed Services for JD Edwards
Supplement your existing staff with a managed services provider if you don’t always have enough work that requires a full-time CNC.

CNC Managed Services for JD Edwards

In any of these cases, there are some common best practices and requirements for the CNC managed service team (MST) that should be met.

1.Assigned activities for the managed services team should have well-documented processes, with a clearly defined escalation procedure and reporting requirements. The provider should be able to assist you with creating these documents if they do not already exists.

2.Look to free-up internal experienced CNC staff by offloading routine tasks to the MST (Managed Service team). The team should handle both day-time and night-time support activities – providing 24×7 coverage.

3.Any project-related support needs, or non-routine tasks, should be jointly planned and tracked via ticketing system. This should be in addition to regular status reporting, and verbal communication.

4.The MST should provide documentation via a ticketing system to track all tasks and requests. This should include analytics on systematic issues and root cause analysis.

5.Internal experienced CNC staff should focus on strategic initiatives and long term planning. This will improve environment stability and progress in enabling business objectives.

6.MST should spend time on site to completely understand your environment and requirements.

7.If the MST is working on an on-demand basis they should spend time periodically to understand the environment and any changes being made, so when support needs arise they can ramp-up quickly.

8.MST should have regularly scheduled meetings on site with the IT leadership. The onsite meeting provides a face-to-face opportunity to connect with an otherwise unseen support staff.

9. The MST should provide recommendations and findings based on supporting the system. This can include suggestions on performance tuning, archiving/purging data, applying an ESU or upgrading to a new Tools release.

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