Long Live JDE: Improving User Interface with UX One (Photos)

Oracle JD Edwards further improves its user experience with the UX One feature, which allows users to easily create and respond to customized alerts.

In my previous blog post, I discussed the various ways Oracle continues to invest in JD Edwards. One of the more obvious improvements affects every user: the user interface. Oracle JD Edwards is constantly improving its user experience. One of the more exciting upcoming features is UX One.

As a major update to the user interface, UX One is based on the Alert – Analyze – Act paradigm. The idea is that users can view desktop or mobile devices alerts for preset conditions, such as an overdue invoice or equipment maintenance.

Based on this alert, the user can analyze the situation, quickly determine what action needs to take place, and implement the required action  – all from their desktop or mobile device.

Explore Our JD Edwards UX One Expertise

UX One for JD Edwards

Here’s a sneak peek at the planned dashboard for the Maintenance Manager role:

These beautiful visualizations are enabled by Oracle JET (Java Extension Toolkit).  If you’re on a JD Edwards 9.2 tools release, you can begin crafting visualizations of your own with the implementation of Active Content Pages. Thankfully, Oracle offers a helpful tutorial that walks you through developing your own ACPs.

Smartbridge will be releasing an entire blog series on Active Content Pages and developing your own custom visualizations and dashboards. In the meantime, you can begin exploring our current content on E1 Composed pages that empower users to create their own custom E1 pages.

Don’t forget the wonderful capabilities available with CafeOne that allow you to create enhanced layouts that can access external applications or other JD Edwards applications.

Here some more sneak peeks at the amazing UX One dashboards and new visualizations that Oracle has created for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne:

UX One Components

Listed below are the UX One user experience components–please note that key components such as One View Watch List, IOT, and List View grid formats are available as part of the current 9.2 tools release: 

  1. E1 Composed Page (2.0)
  2. Landing Pane
  3. One View Watch List alerts
  4. Mobile – Location aware, Proximity
  5. IoT
  6. Search
  7. Media Object Viewer
  8. Springboard Navigation
  9. Dynamic Form Personalization
  10. List View grid formats
  11. Show More icon
  12. View By Graph
  13. Café One improvements
  14. Company /Industry News

I hope this entices you to upgrade to the latest application release and start taking advantage of the amazing features of the improved user interface. If you are interested in a JD Edwards upgrade, please contact Smartbridge and check out our JD Edwards website.

There’s more to explore at Smartbridge.com!

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