JD Edwards Reporting Options: One View & Hubble

Some alternatives to Oracle JD Edwards’ native reporting tools are One View and Hubble. Each tool offer their share of beneficial capabilities and drawbacks regarding their integration with JD Edwards. In this blog post, I will show you the pros and cons of adapting each tool into your reporting process.

We have already discussed some of the native and embedded Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) reporting tools in our prior post of this series on JD Edwards Reporting Options. In this installment I’d like to go into a newer tool called One View, and a popular third-party tool, Hubble (formerly InsightUnlimited) from insightsoftware.com. Both of these tools are tightly integrated with JD Edwards and provide end-users with the ability for self-service ad-hoc analysis.

One View

In the case of One View, the reporting is embedded within JD Edwards itself. It’s a very user friendly reporting tool that allows a user to view and create their own personal reports based on any of the JD Edwards modules.A user simply needs to select One View from their menu and they have access to any of the data elements available within the application that is currently open. From there a user can begin creating reports using tables, graphs or even complete dashboards.

jde reporting options

Key capabilities of JD Edwards One View reporting include:

  • Fully embedded into JD Edwards
  • Ability to easily create ad-hoc reports and dashboards
  • Ability to personalize reports, and share report with other users
  • Mobile enabled – can be viewed in E1 iPad application


  • Requires JD Edwards Tools 9.1
  • Report data set is constrained to the application form data set
  • Additional cost, requires purchase of foundation license. If desired additional licenses for pre-built reports by application modules must also be purchased


Another great end-user reporting tool in the JD Edwards eco-system is Hubble from Insightsoftware.com.

Over 900 customers use Hubble’s Reporting, Analytics and Planning solution including many of our current clients at Smartbridge. Every customer we know has been highly satisfied with the tool, and have found it essential to their end-user’s ad-hoc analysis capabilities.

Although it is not embedded directly in JD Edwards like One View, it does integrate directly to the JD Edwards database and provides better transactional performance than One View. Users access a client application that allows them to create reports, potentially using any table within JD Edwards. Results can be shared in the web in the form of powerful dashboards called Workspaces. Data access is integrated with JD Edwards security to restrict users from data they are not privileged to in JDE.


Hubble is a member of the Smartbridge Partner Alliance.

jde reporting options

Key capabilities of Hubble reporting include:

  • Easy, user-friendly access to JD Edwards data
  • Exceptional performance, especially against larger transaction volumes
  • Ability to easily create ad-hoc reports and dashboards
  • Hundreds of pre-built templates to have you operational in hours
  • Ability to create budgets and develop models for financial planning
  • Supports all versions of JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne
  • Reports and applications are mobile enabled


  • Requires client application outside of JD Edwards for creation of new designs (designs can be distributed and interacted with via the web)
  • License costs to use various modules, as well as planning and budgeting components

 Here are some helpful links if you are interested in learning more about these products now:

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