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Building the Roadmap for a Construction & Infrastructure Company’s Analytics Needs 2018-01-25T12:32:16+00:00
The Path to Reporting & Analytics: Establishing an Enterprise Data Warehouse 2017-05-02T14:20:20+00:00
Upgrading to JDE 9.2 with All Out Security at Port Houston 2017-01-30T10:58:40+00:00
Upgrading JDE with SOX Compliance at Avanir Pharmaceuticals 2017-01-30T10:58:40+00:00
Intercontinental Terminals Company Upgrades JD Edwards from Xe – On Time, On Budget 2017-11-15T12:00:40+00:00
Remodeling the IT Strategy 2017-01-30T10:58:41+00:00
Staying Connected Even While Disconnected 2017-01-30T10:58:41+00:00
Architecting & Initiating a Business Intelligence Program 2017-01-30T10:58:43+00:00
Transitioning from Grid Reports to Dashboards & Mobile 2017-05-03T17:45:12+00:00
Implementing a Quality Assurance Program 2017-01-30T10:58:43+00:00
Upgrading JD Edwards (ERP) with Minimal Disruption to the Refining Business 2017-01-30T10:58:43+00:00
JD Edwards (ERP) Selection and Implementation to Enable Growth for a QSR 2017-01-30T10:58:45+00:00
iPad Apps Improve Sales Processes of a $12B Multinational Medical Company 2017-01-30T10:58:44+00:00
Turning Data Into Information for Effective Performance Measurement 2017-01-30T10:58:44+00:00
Improving Marketing Performance with Data-driven Decisions 2017-01-30T10:58:44+00:00
Market Basket Analysis Drives Improved Product Marketing for a Large QSR 2017-01-30T10:58:44+00:00
Large Restaurant Franchisee Leverages Mobile Intelligence 2017-01-30T10:58:44+00:00
Achieving Data Quality by Building Trust in Data 2017-01-30T10:58:44+00:00
Distributing JD Edwards Financial Reports to Over 1,000 Business Units Every Month 2017-01-30T10:58:44+00:00
Reducing Financial Reporting From 3 Hours to 3 Minutes 2017-01-30T10:58:44+00:00
Monitoring and Supporting Mission Critical Interfaces 2017-01-30T10:58:44+00:00
Implementing an Enterprise Job Scheduler for a QSR 2017-01-30T10:58:45+00:00
Enabling Workforce Mobility with iPads, Mobile Apps and MDM 2017-01-30T10:58:43+00:00
A Mobilized Treatment Plan for a Hospital ER Admission Process 2017-01-30T10:58:45+00:00
Enabling Worldwide JD Edwards Project Coordination for Increased Efficiency 2017-11-15T11:59:19+00:00
Enabling Large M&A with Seamless JDE ERP Support 2017-11-15T12:01:16+00:00
JD Edwards Upgrade Delivered On Time, On Budget 2017-01-30T10:58:45+00:00
Food Distribution and Restaurant Supply Moves to EnterpriseOne 2018-01-31T13:46:36+00:00
Strategic Vision for IT to Deliver Value in a Large Texas Higher-Ed Institution 2017-01-30T10:58:45+00:00
Franchisee Store Acquisition and Technology Integration for QSR 2017-01-30T10:58:46+00:00