The Four Levels of Happiness, as told at Collaborate 2017

One of Collaborate 2017’s shining highlights was the fascinating keynote presentation given by CEO & consultant Jenn Lim. As the first keynote speaker, Lim’s thoughtful and thought-provoking speech launched a conference where people are invested in sharing knowledge and focusing in on our similarities rather than our differences.

Jenn Lim is the CEO and Chief Happiness Officer of Delivering Happiness, a company she founded with her partner, Tony Hirsch. It is their belief that happier employees equal happier customers, which equals more profitable businesses. She consults companies on how to create an environment where employees can be happy. Her “Levels of Happiness” have four defining emotional senses:

  1. Sense of control – employees feel that their contributions are valued
  2. Sense of progress – metrics that show improvement, growth
  3. Connectedness – employees work as a team striving towards a common goal
  4. Meaningful vision – passion

Those emotional senses resonated with me. I do love what I do and, while I had never stopped to analyze why, these reasons are certainly core to my feelings.

Helping my clients use Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) to make their work life easier is central to my feelings of accomplishment. While I am learning new functionality, and there is always more to learn about JDE, I can see improvement and more understanding of how the system works. I know that I have a group of coworkers that are also striving to learn more about JDE, have other skills that are complementary to mine, and that are always there to help when I ask. We share a common vision: we are passionate about serving our clients and Smartbridge to the best of our abilities, while spreading knowledge about JDE among ourselves and, through Smartbridge, to our community.

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