Discovering Digital Transformation Trends at Collaborate 2017

During a visit to Collaborate 2017, Smartbridge polled an audience of 30+ industry executives to gain a better understanding of the digital transformation trends currently gripping the Oracle JD Edwards community. We share our results and insights here.

Recently at the Quest Collaborate 2017 conference, I had the honor and privilege to be asked by Oracle to participate in the Oracle JD Edwards Digital Transformation Roundtable session discussion. The session was an exciting opportunity to better understand what draws Oracle JD Edwards (JDE) customers to digital transformation and how disruptive technology is impacting their business.

Our first question was: “What are the first words that come to mind when you hear ‘digital transformation?'”

Digital Transformation Trends at Collaborate 2017
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Once the results were displayed in a word cloud, it was not surprising to see a high number of responses in the areas of cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT). Such responses are completely in line with projects Smartbridge is currently executing with JD Edwards customers.

Along with successfully executing digital transformation projects, Smartbridge has been conducting several digital transformation workshops to introduce JD Edwards customers to cloud, mobile, IoT, intelligent assistance, and advanced analytical technologies, all enabling strategic business capabilities. We continue to provide free digital transformation discovery workshops to help customers explore the art of the possible.

Specifically, in regards to mobile Smartbridge has already helped several customers expand the outreach of JD Edwards via mobile applications, which allows businesses to execute and operate from any location, including disconnected environments.

The next question was related to technical solutions. As an innovator, Smartbridge is always looking to revolutionize how businesses operate. We’ve further evolved intelligent assistance by developing Amazon Echo skills integrating natural voice recognition with JD Edwards and programming industrial IoT devices to monitor and streamline critical business processes. There was great customer interest when I demonstrated these technologies at Collaborate, and will do so again for Smartbridge’s upcoming webinar on April 18th.

During the roundtable, we asked the audience what solutions they were most interested in:

Digital Transformation Trends at Collaborate 2017
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The results are fully aligned with Smartbridge’s own experiences in mobility, IoT, and intelligent assistance.

While all of these technologies are exciting, the business benefits are the key drivers, so we asked audience to rank the benefits they wanted to realize with digital transformation.

Digital Transformation Trends at Collaborate 2017

All of the benefits garnered strong interest, but the top two of Streamline & Automate Processes and Enable New Business Capabilities reflect strategic initiatives that apply across many companies to reduce manual transactions and evolve their capabilities to meet market demands.

Smartbridge recommends building a roadmap to realize these benefits, and helps customers define the IT strategy to plan and execute projects in an incremental “proof of concept” manner. This allows customers to quickly understand any issues and identify the value gained before further deploying the solution.

Where does JD Edwards fit into all of this? The JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system should be the core component of your transformation; it provides the key business capabilities, and is a platform for the primary technologies needed to deliver digital transformation.

Here is the result of the final question:

Digital Transformation Trends at Collaborate 2017
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Therefore, whether you are looking to implement new modules or upgrade JDE, let’s talk. Smartbridge has consistently helped our customers successfully reap the benefits of their JD Edwards investment to enable business transformation in the digital age.

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