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DSI Mobile-First Solutions & Mobile Enterprise Platform

DSI is a recognized industry leader in providing an easy-to-use mobile platform for building applications for Supply Chain, Service Work Orders, Inventory Management, and much more.

With DSI pre-built solution accelerators, you can quickly tweak applications to meet the specific needs of your business. DSI is an ideal mobile platform to integrate with your existing ERP.

DSI Global Partner
Smartbridge is a DSI Partner


Smartbridge partners with DSI to bring supply chain solutions to your organization by designing, developing, and deploying your DSI applications. We are experienced in managing your DSI platform to ensure that your business leverages all that it has to offer. Let our experts bring mobility and efficiency to your business processes.


DSI Implementation

  • Are you looking for a mobile platform for your organization, but not sure whether DSI is the right fit for you? As a DSI Partner, Smartbridge can show you the benefits of DSI and how you can utilize the platform by demoing several pre-built applications that highlight the core features. If you decide to go with DSI, we’ll assist in identifying what you need and how to get you there.

  • Is your platform sluggish and full of errors? Are your users complaining about issues, but you don’t have the resources to assess and prioritize the issues? If you need help, and not sure where to start, then a DSI Health Check might be what the doctor suggests. Smartbridge offers a quick Health Check project to quickly assess where your platform stands and where your pain points lie. Our experienced team will aid in identifying the issues and provide a comprehensive plan on how to get your platform whipped back into shape.

DSI Upgrades

  • Don’t let your DSI platform collect dust. DSI frequently upgrades its features and tools to give you more capabilities in your applications. Each update provides additional security and stability to the platform. An unmanaged DSI instance can fall behind and make it much more difficult to upgrade later on once old functionality has been deprecated and replaced with newer frameworks.
  • Upgrading after several versions can be tricky if your organization hasn’t been keeping up, but we can help with our experienced team. We are familiar with upgrades from DSI 4.0 up to the latest version. Our knowledge and experience will make sure your upgrade is as painless as possible.

Example of DSI application
Build inventory management solutions on DSI. View our solution accelerator, SmartCart.

Application Development

  • Whether you are looking for new development, modernization, or application enhancement and support, Smartbridge is fully capable of delivering these services. Our team has extensive experience in building mobile friendly and offline-capable applications. We have developed applications for Time Entry, Field Service Work Orders, Inventory Management, Equipment Rental, and more. Our application accelerators will also make your development process a breeze by easily integrating these functions into your apps.

Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Have peace of mind with Smartbridge managed services. Our services team can monitor your DSI system agents to ensure they are running properly, and applications are accessible. We will also monitor for transaction and communication errors. Undiagnosed errors will eventually become reoccurring and can lead to lost transactions and manual entry to correct. Our team can review your transaction logs to determine the root cause of the issue and quickly develop patches to prevent the issue from reoccurring. With Smartbridge monitoring your DSI platform, you can be assured that your system is well taken care of.


Our solution accelerators are pre-built apps designed to take you 80% to completion. Customize the last mile to reduce costs and go live quicker.

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