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Even the best applications have bugs, could use tweaks, and grow outdated over time.

As we’ve experienced with client work, all applications have needed managed services. It’s not uncommon to find an application was originally written by a third-party service, and the code and documentation was poorly written and difficult to maintain.


Our clients know we are professionals with high standards for software applications. An example of a full support plan we can put in place in a matter of days:

Immediate Break/Fix Work

In case of any application failure, Smartbridge provides phone and email support with an agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA) threshold in place.

Features & Enhancements

Planning, development, test, and deployment phases for new enhancements and features that are released on a quarterly basis. This keeps your application from becoming too stale as the organization continues to grow.

Performance Monitoring

Security, platform, and other application updates may affect the performance of the application. As part of the managed services, a project manager provides status reports on a monthly basis to ensure that the stakeholders are informed on what updates are happening.


The advantage of having a managed service plan for an application is largely tied to the quarterly release plan. It provides a flexible way to edit the application without committing to any serious amount of work upfront. If a feature is estimated to be too expensive to be valuable, it can easily be omitted from an update without needing to resign a contract or re-negotiate prices. Likewise, the fact that features can be add regularly without signing a new contract leaves the door open for improvement. Instead of letting an application degrade to the point that it needs major work, it can be massaged gently over time to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology.

Finally, the most important part of continuous long-term support is accumulated programmer knowledge. It is extremely costly in man hours to become acquainted with a complex code base. By performing routine updates over time, Smartbridge is able to learn the ins and outs of an application. Future work becomes easier and easier because less time is needed to examine the system.

Managed service agreements can provide a simple way to add highly skilled support to your team without the need to staff and maintain an internal team of FTEs for software development. A managed service agreement opens the door to custom additions to your system and can help extend the lifespan of an application.

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