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Make Advanced Analytics Work For You [VIDEO]

Companies today are looking to find the edge that allows them to achieve business agility, make better fact-based decisions, and to achieve higher share-of-wallet.  Business leaders are increasingly turning to advanced analytics to drive this strategic decision-making. While you may understand it is time for your organization to move forward with advanced analytics, you may not be sure of the best path forward.

In this webinar, Smartbridge will help you build momentum for your advanced analytics initiatives, by using capabilities you may already have in your technology arsenal and by sharing our approach for launching these initiatives.

In the context of the food industry, we will take you through the following topics:

  • How advanced analytics can drive business value
  • How MicroStrategy’s integrated analytics capabilities can be employed
  • Examples of advanced analytics in action
  • How to kickstart your advanced analytics initiative

Learn how Smartbridge has used advanced analytics techniques to answer some of the food industry’s critical questions.


Matt DiBona – Director of Business Intelligence & Analytics, Smartbridge
Ellie Liu – Senior Consultant, Smartbridge

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