Solve Your Business Challenges with Data & Analytics

In order to drive true value from data and analytics investments, key capabilities that must be addressed include:

  • Intuitive, analytical dashboards

  • AI-powered insights

  • NLP and search-based ease of use

  • Business-enabled data engineering & wrangling
  • Governed data discovery
  • Self-service analytics

The traditional enterprise data & analytics vendors are delivering in several of these areas, but there are also a huge amount of niche players coming to market with substantial momentum and focus.

It can be difficult to know what platform and solutions make the best fit for your organization. Our data and analytics services can help you evaluate, plan and execute on building your successful analytics organization.


Each organization is in a different place and has different drivers for data management agility and maturity, but there are some critical capabilities or components that are generally applicable including:

  • Storage & compute flexibility & elastic provisioning
  • Support for parallel & distributed processing
  • Event/data streaming
  • Democratized data access

  • Easy to use without specialized training
  • Ability to handle all data types
  • Business-enabled data engineering
  • Data lab / sandbox
  • Data catalog

Deploying, integrating and managing data and analytics solutions and platforms can be challenging.

Implementing solutions that solve significant business challenges come with a new set of needs and maintenance requirements that sometimes don’t seem like they are properly offsetting the issues they were intended to solve.

If you feel stuck or stretched thin, consider Smartbridge’s data and analytics managed services >

Establish a truly effective analytics organization with your own custom, balanced approach.

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