Smartbridge’s COVID-19 Dashboard Version 2 Now Live

The Smartbridge near real-time COVID-19 dashboard has been updated! The coronavirus curve is now available on the new dashboard, so viewers can analyze how well the US and the world are “flattening the curve”.

In this new version, the data source is merged with a new historical database which enables analyzing daily new cases and daily totals. This new visualization lets viewers identify countries and states that may still be ramping up, or others that have hit the peak.

The COVID-19 dashboard, or tracker, was created using Microsoft Power BI in a matter of a couple of days, and went live in early March. The data is updated roughly every two hours, which is much quicker than many of the most prominent dashboards. (Note that the ‘curve’ chart on the bottom left is updated once a day).

If your organization needs to deploy quick data visualizations to adapt to new business challenges, see how we built this Power BI dashboard in our blog post, Translate Stories into Insights Fast with Microsoft Power BI >

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