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Incorta provides data management, business intelligence, and analytics solutions to bring the value companies expect from their data. Smartbridge partners with Incorta to bring a modern approach to solving our client’s business problems. We tailor our solutions to fit your data and analytics business needs by combining our over 17 years of consulting experience with technologies like Incorta.

The Incorta data analytics platform gives users a quick and simple way to acquire and analyze data from applications in their own enterprise system without having to use multiple products to achieve the desired results. With direct data acquisition, data management, and data analytics, Incorta is a complete end-to-end platform. Whether an organization is on-premise or in the cloud, the platform can work with any infrastructure.

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Incorta supports your business at every level with benefits such as:

  • Fast Time-to-Value

  • Security Without Compromise

  • Actionable Insights

  • True Self-Service

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