MicroStrategy 2020 – Helping Companies Move Faster

Recently, MicroStrategy released their latest features to their platform with MicroStrategy 2020. We’ll break down what they are and how companies will be able to use them to improve business processes.

You don’t have 30 minutes to make decisions: you have 3 seconds. HyperIntelligence is here to overcome ‘too weak, too slow decision-making’.

– Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy

At MicroStrategy’s annual user conference this year, we were introduced to the new features of MicroStrategy 2020. The latest platform release is helping accelerate businesses through its open architecture, zero-click HyperIntelligence, and mobile capabilities.

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MicroStrategy 2020

Some of the newest features in MicroStrategy 2020 are:

Enhancements to HyperIntelligence Cards

HyperIntelligence was introduced last year with basic functionality. This year, MicroStrategy 2020 presented improvements on the performance, adding HyperMobile support for Apple and Android devices in addition to HyperOffice, which enables users to take advantage of HyperCards with Outlook and Excel.

Another improvement is contextual linking, giving the possibility of linking cards to external applications to take actions based on the card context.

MicroStrategy presented an interesting HyperVision use case of a company that sells pre-owned cars bought at online auctions. This company is giving their buyers color coded HyperCards to help them focus on buying the best cars. They now have relevant analytics to make an informed bid during the auctions where decisions need to be made in seconds.

MicroStrategy 2020

Enhancements in Federated Analytics with Power BI, Tableau, and Qlik Connectors

MicroStrategy now supports prompts in reports for Tableau connector and includes enhancements in the UI to allow users to keep using the tools they like with the data governance, security, and HyperVision that MicroStrategy offers.

During the conference, I saw some use cases that combined federated analytics with HyperVision by layering HyperCards on top of Power BI and Tableau, expanding the native capabilities of these tools.

New Jupiter and RStudio Connectors

With these 2 new connectors, data scientists have the possibility of importing data directly from MicroStrategy reports or cubes for their analysis.

Another important feature of these connectors is that they have write back capabilities by pushing the data from Python or R into MicroStrategy cubes which can be used in cards, reports, and dossiers.

These enhancements will become very useful as we hear more and more each day of clients using R for different applications like sales forecasting, market basket analysis, or sentiment analysis.

Dossier Freeform Canvas

This new functionality allows users to overlap different components in a dossier.

As a developer, this is one of the MicroStrategy 2020 features I am most excited about because it takes dossiers to the next level. The possibility of creating a custom layout takes care of many of the limitations dossiers had in previous versions to deliver more impactful visualizations and have a better use of the screen real estate.

With these latest improvements and the responsive design feature, I foresee dossiers becoming a more attractive option than documents when thinking of designing dashboards that need to be used in web and mobile devices.

An Analytics Revolution

With the newest updates, I look forward to seeing how much more we can help our clients with understanding their data to create a more efficient business and make informed decisions.

Smartbridge would love to assist you in upgrading to MicroStrategy 2020 so you can take advantage of the latest features. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization achieve your business goals.

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