A Look at the MicroStrategy 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics Report

MicroStrategy released its 2020 global findings from surveying decision makers in the business intelligence and analytics space. We delve into the biggest takeaway from the report and highlight a few statistics that will shape our view of the state of enterprise analytics in the upcoming year.

MicroStrategy has released their ‘2020 Global State Of Enterprise Analytics’ and it’s filled with great insights and statistics about the analytics landscape. As long-time partners of MicroStrategy, we were looking forward to the publication of this latest report in order to gain valuable insights into what is happening in our industry.

I got to attend the webinar for this release and hear MicroStrategy Vice President, Vijay Anand, share some of the findings from the report. All of it was very impactful, but my big take away from it is that people want access to data to help them make their decisions.

According to the report, only 11% of “unskilled or less-data-skilled” employees are making gut-based decisions, while the rest are all either doing research on their own, consulting experts in their company, or using self service tools. Employees know the importance of making data informed choices, however, they’re usually not set up for success.

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Another study in the report found that it takes 36% of employees minutes to access the data they need and 60% of employees hours or even days to access the data they need. That leaves only 3% that can access it in seconds. To quote Vijay, people are “data deprived.” Organizations are realizing just how important data is to their business’ growth and as a result, are increasing their investments into improving data access and analytics.

MicroStrategy 2020 State of Enterprise Analytics Investments
Courtesy of The 2020 Global State of Enterprise Analytics

It’s clear there’s still tons of work to be done before employees at large enterprises and corporations can have access to all the data they need. But reports like this get me excited because they remind me that the work I do is providing a real impact on people’s jobs. Whether it’s building dashboards or migrating to the cloud, these projects are helping employees become more informed and educated and are creating cultures that rely on analytics.

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