BI Publisher Advanced Technique #5: Multiple Pick Slips

This is a continuation of the BI Publisher Advanced Technique series.

BI Publisher Pick Slips

As you aware, when Report Definition (RD) is associated to a JD Edwards report, JDE provides data in form of XML format based on the logic exists in the report, and notifies BIP kernel that the XML file is ready to process. BI Publisher reads XML file and lays out the data on the template based on the Report Definition (RD)… but data (XML) needs to be in structured format.

In case of ‘Print Pick Slips’ (R42520), JD Edwards report doesn’t provide the XML file in a structured format – which is required to design the BIP template to be able to print multiple pick slips at a time. Usually detail lines will be associated to header but in this program it is in the other way.

If you take a look at this XML file, header section is included in the detail section. At one of our clients, users had to run the program for just one pick slip at a time. It is a cumbersome process. You can imagine how difficult it would be when you are asked to print the pick slips one at a time.

BI Publisher pick slips

After thorough review of the report and XML file, we could find the solution to overcome this problem. Here are the steps we took to print multiple pick slips at a time.

  1. Create custom UBE and add the pick slip number in the detail section so that it will be included in the details section of XML section.

BI Publisher pick slips

  1. Write the following code in Microsoft Word template (Pick Slip Template). This is just a sorting by ascending order. Since the detail section has the pick slip number, BIP builds the structured XML by sorting and you will be able to print many slips at a single time.

By creating a custom UBE, and structuring the BI Publisher template, we implemented a much more efficient way to print pick slips. You can use a similar technique on other UBE reports that print one document instead of multiple documents per run.

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