BI Publisher Advanced Technique #4: Printing Dynamic Watermarks

This is a continuation of the BI Publisher Advanced Technique series.

BI Publisher Watermarks

Watermarking documents is a useful and common feature. BI Publisher watermarks allow for basic static types, but changing the watermark text dynamically requires a little more work. There are various reasons you may want to have a watermark changed for different versions of the same report. For example, the watermark can be used to identify duplicate documents (re-prints) or mark the draft version of a document.

Our client wanted to control the watermark text which will be printed on the reports and support dynamic text changes to the watermark.

When we reviewed all requirements of BI Publisher watermark, we came up with a processing option template (tab) for the watermark text that we could create and re-use. Instead of building the same logic in several programs, we attached this tab to all JDE programs (BIP) that required dynamic watermarks. The tab allows the user to enter the watermark text, or graphic as a processing option prior to running the UBE.

The advantage of this methodology is the user will be able to review and choose the options and change the values dynamically. To avoid hard coding, we used the following XML tag in the custom watermark of the word template to achieve this functionality.

BI Publisher watermarks

Use an XML tag in the custom watermark of the word template.

We just have to find the tag (processing option field) and add it custom watermark field on the Microsoft Word template. This is how it works.

  1. User runs the program and adds/modifies the watermark text in the processing options dynamically.
BI Publisher watermarks

The user adds or modifies the watermark text.

  1. Watermark text is stored as a variable within the XML file.
BI Publisher watermarks
  1. When BIP lays out the data onto the template, it will replace the tag with a value.
BI Publisher watermarks
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