BI Publisher Advanced Technique #3: Email Routing

This is another interesting technique in my blog series on Embedded BI Publisher advanced techniques. BI Publisher email routing might be simple in Embedded BI Publisher but customizing the routing may be a little bit tricky.

We had a variety of requirements at one of our clients in distributing the finished outputs. The client wanted the report distribution based on the value chosen in the report processing options. Here are the details of the requirement.

  1. If distribution=0, no distribution of the report.
  2. If distribution=1, distribute the report to user only.
  3. If distribution=2, distribute the report to vendor only.
  4. If distribution=3, distribute the report to user and vendor.

In order to achieve this, we have built a custom business function (NER) to construct the email addresses based on the option chosen in the processing options and used BSFN in the report to have it included in the XML file. In this way, we avoided hard coding and provided flexibility to the users to choose one of the different processing options.

The following screenshot depicts the sample code of the custom business function which constructs the email addresses. This is simple JD Edwards code.

BI publisher email routing

The main advantage of this code is reusability. You can save lot of time by using it in all BIP programs (write once use many). Our client is using this in almost all their BIP programs and never had any issues in distributing reports.

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