Your Challenges:
Can Robotic Process Automation Solve Them?

Legacy Systems Are Holding You Back.

Most organizations are limiting their ability to transform because they are stuck in old legacy applications, which constrain their ability to create top-line value for shareholders, reduce operating costs, and respond quickly to changing business conditions.

Employees and analysts spend time on repetitive tasks such as copying and combining data from multiple legacy systems to spreadsheets, massaging data, emailing them to their bosses or updating systems.

What a waste of valuable human capital! 

Bots may be excellent at executing repetitive tasks, but they also create valuable opportunities for your human workforce to focus on tasks requiring:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Reasoning

  • Judgment

  • Interaction with the customer

Automation has the potential to radically change how your people operate.

Every day. 

Most organizations are either unaware of the promise of the new RPA technology or unable to determine how to get started. 

Smartbridge can assist in demystifying this new technology.

Uncovering the Best Fit of RPA Tools & Strategy is Arduous.

Careful planning and deployment based on best practices is critical to establishing a sustainable model that truly creates a competitive advantage.

Several niche players are coming to market with substantial momentum and focus. It can be difficult to know what platform and solutions make the best fit for your organization. We can help you evaluate, plan and execute on building your successful automation organization, and establish a center of excellence.

In order to drive true value and competitive advantage from Robotic Process Automation (RPA) investments, some key capabilities must be addressed, including:

Your challenges automation can solve
Our Automation Expertise


  • Why are businesses constantly hiring more employees to do these repetitive tasks as they grow?

  • How can they scale up processes and systems instead of adding “swivel chair” people?

  • How can you transform your employees into knowledge workers who have the time to ideate and innovate to grow the business and get ahead of the competition?

  • Is RPA the panacea that would solve most of the problems in the business?

  • What people, process and technology strategies should you implement to establish a sustaining automation program?

  • What RPA software must you standardized on?

Smartbridge’s automation specialists will lead you through your RPA journey, bringing a potential ROI of 25-200% in the first year, with savings recurring every year after.

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