The RPA Journey:

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  • Begin your journey into automation

  • Prepare for changing working practices

  • Ideate and define your automation strategy

  • Motivate and inspire your workforce

  • Transform how your products and services are delivered

  • Design and deploy your RPA toolsets

// Begin your journey into enterprise mobility
// Prepare for changing working practices
// Ideate and define your mobile strategy
// Motive and inspire your workforce
// Transform how your products and services are delivered
// Design and develop your own mobile applications


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As part of our ongoing efforts to educate to innovate, Smartbridge leadership put their heads together and shared what we think are the “need-to-knows” of RPA, distilling down all the talk about the subject into a concise series of articles and videos. We recommend reading everything that’s been published, and signing up to be notified of future publications.

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Our Podcast, Transform IT, features several episodes on Automation, and RPA specifically.


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Smartbridge provides Executive Lectures, called Transformational Talks, to companies wishing to explore what’s possible. There are a variety of topics offered, each chosen by your executive team and held at your office, just for you. Each talk features case studies, demos and content tailored to your needs.

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Are you ready to transform how you deliver products and services?

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In this era of digital labor, it’s time to discover how RPA, or these “software robots” can help alleviate the mundane tasks off your workforce. We’ll evaluate your processes and identify opportunities for automation with minimal interference.

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Some examples of tasks that RPA can handle:

  • Generate reports on the latest sales figures

  • Move products around the warehouse

  • Generate estimates for material costs

  • Scheduling and confirming appointments

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