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About the RPA Citizen Developers Foundation Training Course

An RPA Citizen Developer is a non-professional RPA developer who builds applications for other people’s use. With new tool kits available in UiPath like cloud services and code abstract platforms, the Citizen Developers have various tools at their disposal to work with. This course serves to train Citizen Developers on analyzing business processes, identifying automation opportunities, defining the value proposition, and re-engineering RPA-driven processes through “on the fly” programming methods.

Through hands-on training and a formal certification process, this RPA Citizen Developers training course will help you fully learn Robotic Process Automation, and how to build robots with UiPath software to automate business processes. You will be armed with various templates that you can use in your job after the training to plan and execute your RPA journey in a professional manner.

Why should you enroll your staff?

This is an exciting new role in companies that are pursing the path of digital transformation and business process automation. RPA citizen developers enable their organizations to run more efficiently and smoothly by automating manual processes and they bridge the gap between the non-technical and technical skillsets of a business. RPA citizen developers will be the future heroes enabling transformation and automation of their companies.

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Primary Takeaways of the Course

  • Obtain a full understanding of UiPath technology and their RPA solutions. Explore our UiPath partnership.

  • Analyze full business process scope, identify automation opportunities, and develop processes to improve automation potential

  • Recommend and develop RPA approach and strategy

  • Conduct high-level RPA assessments

  • Develop RPA client architecture and solution proposals focusing on scalability and extensibility

  • Design, develop and test automation workflows

What’s Included?

  • Printed training materials, including practical exercises

  • Templates to plan and execute your RPA journey professionally

  • An official certificate of completion

  • Our Complete RPA Best Practices Playbook

  • Lunch, beverages, snacks, and a light breakfast

RPA Citizen Developers

Who Should Attend?

  • Process Analysts

  • Managers/Directors

  • Business Analysts

  • Finance Departments

  • HR/Payroll Departments

  • Supply Chain Departments

  • IT Functional Areas

RPA Citizen Developers

Course Duration

2-Days / 7hrs Per Day (including lunch and breaks)

Course Pre-Requisites

There are no pre-requisites required to enroll in this course!

Course Contents and Training Modules


RPA Starter Training

  • Introduction to RPA Technology

  • The Automation Journey with UiPath

  • UiPath RPA Platform

Build a Bot 101 Module

  • UiPath Platform Overview

  • Developing with UiPath

  • Best Practices

  • Hands-on Lab Practice


Business Analyst Training

  • Who is a Business Analyst?

Developer Foundation Training

  • Process Workflow

  • Building Blocks

  • App Integration

  • Data Scraping

  • Selectors

  • Hands-on Lab Practice

Additional Important Details

  • What to Bring: Laptop and charger, compatible with a Type-A USB port (the general size port most devices come with). You will gain access to the training materials through a provided flash drive.

  • UiPath License: To expedite the training experience, we ask that you download the free UiPath Community Edition license prior to the first day of class.

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