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RapidAutomate RPAaaS

RPA as a Service Pricing Model for Immediate ROI

RPA services

Introducing RapidAutomate Process-Centric Pricing for RPA

Experience the benefits of robotic process automation (RPA) without the upfront investment. RapidAutomate, our new RPA services pricing model, enables companies to bypass the upfront costs in hardware and software to ensure immediate ROI is fulfilled.

Under our value-sharing model, Smartbridge provides the full solution, including infrastructure, UiPath RPA software, implementation, and support of automation bots. Companies pay after the process is automated, and the value is realized through effort savings and new opportunities gained.

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RPA services

Through our partnership with UiPath, Smartbridge aims to help our customers integrate their technology solutions and business processes with UiPath RPA technologies. Learn more

The RapidAutomate Portfolio

To expedite the start-up, Smartbridge has identified a portfolio of typical automations ranging from low to high complexity that address common business challenges.

Finance & Accounting

Bots that automate accounting reconciliations, generate exception-based notifications, build reports, send A/R statements, and send reminders for late payments are examples of ideal automations.

Supply Chain & Operations

Automations focused on monitoring inventory levels, sending emails to customers, doing simple calculations, and web scraping are also well suited for this solution.

Information Technology (IT)

Use cases such as new employee AD, apps authentication and authorization setup, systems management, and QA test automation create efficiencies.

Human Resources

HR departments globally are implementing RPA technology into their repetitive, paperwork-driven processes, rendering these individuals much more valuable to new and existing staff.

Sales & Marketing

Automate the input of customer data such as quotes, notes, and order/shipment tracking while also leaving assisted bots to oversee crucial periods in the customer sales cycle.

Getting Started with RapidAutomate RPA Services

Investing in RPA during this economic crisis will serve short and long-term digital transformation goals. A strategic automation partnership with Smartbridge will eliminate the upfront software and hardware costs and deliver faster ROI.

Smartbridge’s RapidAutomate offering anticipates the desire for the C-suite to expect any investment in 2021 to show value immediately. Working with the customer, Smartbridge identifies automation possibilities based on the manual effort, frequency, resources, complexity, development effort, cost of UiPath licenses, and infrastructure.

Based on the manual process value that is calculated, Smartbridge and the customer share a percentage of that value. The customer’s time is the only upfront investment required to deploy their first automations through UiPath with this mutually beneficial RPA services model.

RPA services

“RPA is a savvy way to transform business without having to necessarily rip and replace legacy systems. The time it takes to start delivering value can be much shorter than other innovation investments.

However, the upfront cost of licensing and hardware delays ROI realization. Our RapidAutomate solution provides the ROI assurance needed now more than ever, when every capex investment must be evaluated for its ability to pull organizations out of economic crisis quickly.”

Sri Raju, Smartbridge CEO

Reducing the RPA “Barrier to Entry” During Economic Turmoil

COVID-19 and the economic crisis have re-defined digital innovation decision making. Capital projects in 2021 must meet new business challenges to fill the gaps created by the reduction in workforce, digitize newly remote workers, and immediately address new customer expectations. RPA services have been largely recognized as one such transformative digital investment that is recession-proof.

A recent report shared by RPA Today details that 93% of C-level executives stated that they are deploying or actively extending automation capabilities within their company. Further, enterprise-level organizations are looking to increase automation spending by 55% over the next five years, even now, during a down-turned economy, to support major functions of the business.

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