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A digital transformation vision can only succeed with a culture of innovation permeating the organization, and automation is an essential component of this transformation. Businesses can extract 25-200% ROI from automation initiatives.

Establish a value-based, business-focused strategy and roadmap to automate work your people perform that is not value-added, is repeatable and which machines can do a much better job happily working 24×7.

Smartbridge will lead with education, workshops, interviews, and technical assessment to identify automation opportunities and establish a roadmap that you can begin to execute immediately a journey, realize the ROI, reduce costs, and leave your competition behind when it comes to agility and business delivery at a lower cost.

Ready to get your RPA strategy up and running? We’ll show you how to get started!

  • Automation ideation, strategy and roadmap

  • Best practices

  • Automation team design

  • Change management

Back office work that was previously done by employees......can now be done with RPA and free up valuable staff.
  • Business process analysis

  • Automation opportunities 

  • Automated process design

  • Change management

  • Training

  • Exceptions handling processes


Business process analysis is a critical success factor and a core skill needed within your RPA team. According to a recent Forrester report, the market for both business process management and RPA are expected to grow simultaneously. It is important to note how an organization’s value chain, business processes, and standard procedures are effected from this growth.

Smartbridge process specialists will work with stakeholders to analyze and identify portions that can be automated, and redo the process with automation in place. Smartbridge has extensive experience in implementing best-practice based business processes for large global companies. Our experts have implemented ERP, CRM, and ECM systems that enable business processes, business intelligence and analytical solutions to gauge the performance of these processes.

We can show you everything RPA can do for business process analysis:


Most successful RPA implementations (in various industries) establish teams comprising of strong leads. These include business analysts who can map and analyze processes to identify automation opportunities, and developers who are proficient in systems integrations.

Alongside your staff, Smartbridge RPA specialists, systems modernization and application integration teams, will establish your RPA architecture leveraging our best practices and capabilities. Our team will create, test and implement automation bots in an agile manner alongside our process specialists. Our cloud hosted UiPath service eliminates the need for you to buy and install automation software on your own servers, so you can start your journey immediately.

We’ll show you how to get started with RPA implementation:

  • Identify most appropriate RPA toolset

  • Design and develop Bots

  • Test and deploy

  • RPA monitoring and recording

  • Identify analysis needed

  • Report and analyze

  • Establish analytics framework

  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics


Any business process must be monitored, measured and managed to achieve effectiveness and efficiency. Placing your analytical data in the hands of bots can be a challenging task. After all, data speaks volumes in the workforce and must be analyzed with goals in mind. RPA is a process enabling technology. As such, bots that automate parts of your business processes must be monitored, measured and analyzed.

Smartbridge implementation architecture calls for tracking, recording and analysis of bots and the processes they automate. Our team of business intelligence specialists have over 15 years of experience in building analytical solutions for clients across diverse industries. Through analytics, we establish the best practices to help you analyze and improve your RPA enabled business processes.

We’ll show you everything you need to know about RPA analytics:

  • Identify analysis needed

  • Establish analytics framework

  • Report and analyze


A sustained automation program that actively promotes, nurtures and delivers continuous automation successes will create a lasting positive impact throughout the organization. Businesses must treat RPA as an enterprise capability, and resist temptation to make quick wins by implementing automation silos that only bring short-term benefits. Developing an RPA center of excellence is an important step in establishing a foundation for automation in your business.

Smartbridge will design the Automation CoE and implement the processes to create sustaining capability in the organization. Our digital transformation and RPA specialists have extensive experience in building CoEs for businesses to scale up their RPA capabilities. We help seed the CoE within the processes and practices being automated, and assist in ramping up skills and people through education.

We’ll help you plant and grow the CoE seed within your organization:

  • Establish governance

  • Implement best practices

  • Training and preperation

  • COE people, process and technology

  • Introducing RPA to the user

  • Explore high-level RPA concepts

  • Full UiPath Overview


Our team of credible RPA experts are willing and able to help your organization on-board the digital workforce. Within our UiPath partnership, we are empowered to help our customers integrate their technology solutions and business processes with UiPath technologies. We pride ourselves on delivering additional value to the UiPath training program to enable entirely new levels of productivity through automation.

Our trainees can expect a variety of course modules that mirror the UiPath entry level curriculum. However, through incorporation of Smartbridge’s industry expertise, we gear each session towards an organizational goal, rather that just a basic foundation of RPA inner workings.

Let us help you onboard your digital workforce:

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