How Does Automation Anywhere Work?

Automation Anywhere is a Robotic Process Automation tool that allows organizations to automate business processes from start to finish. But how does Automation Anywhere work exactly? In this article, we’ll explore this platform’s high-level features and core components.

Why Automation Anywhere?

Typically, processes that contain high volume repetitive tasking, manual data entry, and a high FTE number are ideal candidates for RPA. Having an automated core workforce that could complete entire business processes with little to no overhead (and with no errors) could do wonders for an organization’s productivity and efficiency.

The power behind Automation Anywhere is immediately noticeable when building your first bot. Organizations can significantly increase transaction speed – automating data transfers, importing/exporting files, data entry, and OCR file reading.

This will ultimately save time and costs, remove the element of human error, and create the ability to scale processes while having little to no programming knowledge. RPA is swiftly impacting organizations in multiple industries and Automation Anywhere provides an avenue to adopt this innovate technology.

Automation anywhere

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Ease of Usage

One can say the main “selling point” of Automation Anywhere is its ease of use. New users need little to no programming language to start creating robots, primarily because of the simple drag and drop system the platform has in place.

In addition, users have a plethora of training modules to explore that can help teach best practices, simple tips, and provide the foundation to become a functional developer. Automation Anywhere has a great support team and an active community of users, all looking to help those with more advanced questions than those taught in training modules.

How Does Automation Anywhere Work?

Automation Anywhere consists of 3 core components – Bot Creator, Control Room and Bot Runner. Using all 3 in tandem is the best method for deploying a successful automated workforce.

How does automation anywhere work
  • Bot Creator: Serves as the development environment. Using a drag and drop method, developers create rule-based automations that will be pushed to the control room, and later into deployment if applicable.

  • Control Room: Is essentially the hub for all of your RPA robots. Robots can be started, paused, stopped, or scheduled from the control room. Code can be pushed to and retrieved from the control room. This is also where credentials and audit logs can be stored.

  • Bot Runner: Is what the name implies – it runs robots on dedicated machines. It’s visually similar to the bot creator component, but fundamentally, its primary use is to run robots. The end-to-end status of the bot runner’s execution is reported back to the control room.

Automation Anywhere allows you to create processes using 3 types of robots: Task Bot, Meta Bot and IQ Bot. The use of all 3 in one process isn’t needed for a successful outcome, but knowing the roles and what type of processes are best suited of each is fundamental.

  • Task Bot: The most common of the three is the task bot. Processes that are repetitive, follow rules and consist of structured data are best suited for this robot type.

  • Meta Bot: The least common, but most practical of the three is the meta bot. The meta bot is a reusable component that can be automatically applied to any robot for use. Instead of rewriting redundant code for processes, a meta bot can be used instead. This type of robot is best used for complex scalable processes.

  • IQ Bot: The most powerful of the 3 types of robots is IQ bot. The focus and best use case of IQ bot is to organize unstructured data, and improve its skills and performance by learning and evolving each time a process is ran.

All in all, whatever type of robot you decide to use for your business function will lead to immediate improvement in productivity, error reduction and cost savings.

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Prominent Features

To conclude, here are the more prominent features Automation Anywhere offers:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Automation Anywhere enables the use of third-party OCR systems from notable brands such as Abby, Microsoft and Google. It extracts text from documents and images to be stored in a variable, which can be used later in a process if need be.

  • Citrix Automation: Citrix is an image-based system and is very difficult to automate. Previously, these types of environments were limited to only the use of keystrokes, mouse clicks, and coordinate based automation. However, with the use of AISense, Automation Anywhere can automatically build UI objects and elements which are used to automate with a Citrix environment.

  • Trigger Manager: With the use of this trigger management feature, automations can be triggered once an external event takes place, such as a file being deleted, folder name being changed, or when a system performance metric is met.

Automation Anywhere is a high performance tool that allows any organization to implement RPA technology into their existing processes. As a new Automation Anywhere partner, Smartbridge can identify automation opportunities within your organization, and establish a roadmap to help your business begin an RPA journey!

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