Global Restaurant Brand Automates Sales Reports and Establishes a RPA Center of Excellence

The Client

A global restaurant group with over 43,000 store locations needed a better handle on reporting. Specifically, they required sales reports across all of their brands and locations as daily and weekly sales reporting was done manually for the two brands. Many stores are franchised while others are corporate-owned. The restaurant group wanted to automate sales reports for both of their brands across their 43,000 locations.

EMPLOYEES: 34,000+
INDUSTRY: Food Service / Restaurant

The Project Scope

Due to the complex manual process, a significant amount of time was taken to gather and process data from multiple countries and business units. The data was manually compiled from various formats and units, then painstakingly converted into cohesive reports, and finally distributed to stakeholders.

The business teams needed a solution to improve productivity as well as consistency of the sales reporting. As human productivity is their most important priority, this client was a prime candidate to automate sales reports.

Smartbridge has extensive experience in restaurant automations

RPA for Restaurants

The Smartbridge Solution

Smartbridge deployed a robotic process automation (RPA) solution with UiPath that automated processes to gather data from multiple sources, including webpages, emails, spreadsheets, and PDFs. The bot takes the data from these sources, and it then generates concise weekly and daily reporting emails.

These automations are now strategic to all of the locations and business stakeholders, including the CEO.

Deliverables to the restaurant client included:

  • Process definition document

  • Solution design document

  • UiPath robots

  • Test plan

  • Production migration plan

Automate Sales Reports

In no more than 8 weeks, Smartbridge deployed daily and weekly sales reporting that also included missing sales notifications and exceptions. This included user acceptance testing, go-live, and a few weeks of support post-go-live.

Staff members were now freed up to redirect their energy on higher executive tasks to improve productivity.

The Playbook for Rapid RPA Adoption and a Center of Excellence

Shortly after deploying their sales reporting automations, the restaurant chain needed to establish a foundation for rapid adoption and implementation of RPA into 2021 and beyond.

Designing a Center of Excellence at this point into their RPA journey ensured that the global brands would be set up for more successful deployments with quicker ROI outcomes. A governance model ensures that knowledge is shared to reduce the possibility of error.

A Demand Management Playbook was also created to identify and manage their RPA demand pipeline of automation opportunities. This playbook guides stakeholders through analyzing the return on investment of opportunities to prioritize the optimal pipeline. The deliverables also helped evaluate the resource allocation requirements needed.

Success Through a Modernized Implementation

After the global restaurant brand implemented automated sales reports and established a RPA Center of Excellence, the ROI averaged out to a 65% reduction of time spent daily across reporting for the two restaurant brands and 43,000 locations.


Time reduced daily

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