Automation Anywhere’s Imagine Digital Event Highlights

Automation Anywhere hosted their annual, 3-day Imagine Digital event online this year. One of our RPA experts shares his highlights from the summit along with 2 significant market shifts, the company’s offering evolution, and 2021 roadmap.

Mid May 2020, Automation Anywhere hosted their biggest yearly event, Imagine Digital, the industry’s largest and most-anticipated AI and RPA experience took place. The multi-day event featured content from industry experts and process owners. Included with the live stream were many “On Demand” topics as well to view. Individuals who wish to view the sessions can still register for free here.

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The event kicked off with engaging information right from the start. Automation Anywhere (AA) stated their remarkable financial growth and announced they will be IPO-ready in the next couple of months. This announcement is followed by their main competitor UiPath going public on April 20, 2021. Over the past three years and with customers in over 90 countries, AA reported that they deployed RPA solutions and saw increases in the following industries:

  • 330% increase in the pharma industry

  • 1040% increase for the banking and finance industry

  • 800% increase in the oil and gas industry

  • 1240% increase in the tech industry

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Two Significant Market Shifts: Cloud RPA & AARI

RPA in the Cloud

With Automation 360, Automation Anywhere is the only cloud-native RPA platform, giving customers benefits such as 2x deployment volume and 3x scaling at 1/5 the cost. They also announced their partnership with Google Cloud, where Google Cloud CEO, Thomas Kurian, had his own session to talk about this partnership.

automation anywhere google cloud
AA & Google Cloud Partnership

Kurian mentioned how the cloud is constantly evolving. For every industry, the digital transformation looks different and one of the main reasons this partnership took place is because getting down to the processes is a very important piece in a data-driven digital transformation. AA is partnering with Google Cloud to host Automation 360 and serve as the cloud infrastructure for AA and its users. This also merges their AI technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) or image recognition, to provide a more complete solution. Overall, we were treated with seeing AA as an end-to-end cloud service.


Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI) is Automation Anywhere’s AI Solution that enables every employee to work with bots and delivers all the power of an AI platform with none of the complexity.

These two features combined offer the best experience from AA. The cloud scales to millions of users, and ARRI customizes the bots to meet the unique needs of every knowledge worker.

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Image courtesy of Automation Anywhere

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation is key to addressing the 4 pain points of digital transformation during the pandemic:

  • Returning to growth

  • Improve customer experience with reduced capacity

  • Improve employee experience

  • Improve efficiency and productivity

CEO of Automation Anywhere, Mihir Shukla, stated that to catch the post-pandemic wave, intelligent automation was key.

Craig Davenport, Senior Vice President of International Operations IT & Corporate System, discussed how they implemented a citizen developer program in GM financial after implementing the enterprise-level solutions. This is a trend we see in several organizations by beginning with enterprise process automation as unattended bots then moving towards employee automations with a citizen developer program and attended bots.

Richard Harding, Intelligent Automation Director at Jaguar Land Rover, talked about increasing efficiency and how implementing an RPA solution in the finance department had a big impact on their organization. He mentioned that automation is a big priority at Jaguar and Land Rover and comes highly sponsored by their CFO. A very important point Harding made was how they dealt with the employees’ fear of been replaced by a robot, which he explained as increased efficiency amongst colleagues, alleviating them for more strategic work.

Automation Anywhere’s Evolution

AA shared their product evolution roadmap starting in 2016. The growth of their developments was put on display showcasing some of their best features, such as IQ Bot and Automation 360 which makes them the only, fully enabled cloud RPA platform.

To understand why AA emphasizes so much of these cloud components, we need to look again at their main competitor UiPath, who released the cloud components a little later in the game. To this day, UiPath still doesn’t have a cloud development tool like AA. This doesn’t mean AA is the absolute winner as we would need to compare functionality and ease of use with each tool as they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Almost every component mentioned here has its equivalent from UiPath, so this is a master race in RPA between these two giants.

Something key to mention here is that AA was originally based on an on-prem architecture, and many of their customers will need to make the jump to the cloud platform.

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Image courtesy of Automation Anywhere

Looking toward the future, AA is proposing AI integration across the RPA lifecycle. This comes in the form of Process Intelligence where AA proposes analyzing process data and suggesting improvements. One very interesting feature that we would like to see in action is self-healing bots which refers to bots adjusting themselves to UI changes or application updates.

AA also came up with a new acronym in the RPA world: BRaaS. BRaaS is Bot-Runner-as-a-Service, and this feature seems to emulate some of the functionality that Microsoft Flow provides with native integrations. Also in the current RPA space, several companies offer Robot-as-a-Service and RPA-as-a-Service to enable customers to implement RPA without having to do the initial investment upfront. See our RapidAutomate offering that bypasses the upfront costs in hardware and software to ensure immediate ROI is fulfilled.

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Image courtesy of Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere then shared their global impact partnerships where they’ve deployed RPA in non-profit organizations. There are several examples of this like OOBVI that does rainwater harvesting research, RPA Nugget who trains people in Africa in RPA technologies, and People Shores who train disenfranchised young adults in distressed rural communities.

In conclusion, the Automation Anywhere Imagine Digital event left us excited to see the evolution of AA. Their cloud-native approach with microservice architecture is sure to attract several new companies to RPA. Smartbridge is happy to deliver the best for our customers in our continued partnership with Automation Anywhere.

Look forward to our upcoming posts diving deeper into the Automation Anywhere partnership with Google Cloud as well as AARI.

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